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Metro Tales

I ventured into Washington DC last week and I figured I take some shots while I was at it. The problem was I only had my iPhone 5S (no longer!) but I assumed it would be a good photographic tool. 271 more words


In Other News ...

The Reimagined NFL Stadium Of The Future    If you want to see what RFK is going to look like in ten years, go ahead and click.  325 more words

Living in Seoul

I never thought I would visit Asia before Europe. To be honest, I hadn’t ever planned on it. Sure I thought about seeing The Great Wall of China… 484 more words


In Other News ...

$1.45 Million Worth Of Marijuana Seized From Abandoned Home    It seems so bizarre and arbitrary that since this was grown in Maryland, state troopers swooped in, dug it up with a backhoe, and burned it, but if it had been planted a little ways away in DC, the grower would probably be accepting an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from Muriel Bowser. 216 more words


Thank whoever first invented headphones because otherwise I would have already been incarcerated for life. There is a woman who, even though I can’t hear her, is making my skin crawl. 113 more words