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Shoes: Metro, Planes, and Trains

The Colonel said if an accident happens while flying, he is not going to feel sorry for those people traveling in flip flops as they step over broken glass. 452 more words

Tales From The Underground

This was a set of shots that never saw the light of day. I am sitting on thousands to be honest. With some time comes knowledge so using the new found knowledge I find myself revisiting stuff I shot and just never edited it because I just wasn’t capable. 149 more words


The In-Between Blues: 5 Travel Hacks To Make Your Commute More Bearable

Everyone knows that a lot of people who work in DC live outside the city, but the numbers in this recent WaPo article were shocking.  Seventy percent of you commute from the suburbs?!  882 more words

Too Good 51

“Duvan! How nice to see you!” Gabrielle responded, holding her hand out to him. “Yes, Doctor said everything’s fine with my eyes, except that they don’t work. 356 more words


Too Good 49

It is only four METRO stops from NIH to Rockville Town Square and while they traveled Adriel found Bar Louie on his computer. Exiting the subway train Adriel’s voder produced voice told his wife, “Gibbs Street is five blocks west of here and then north a block. 340 more words


Too Good 48

After they’d made their goodbyes to Dr. Theia and then Anna her receptionist Adriel said, “Did Doctor Theia seem strange today? I don’t know, uptight? Angry even?” 319 more words


Too Good 47

METRORAIL stops have elevators and bathrooms. Customers are directed to the escalators and good luck to anyone trying to get a key to the lavatory. Adriel and Gabrielle were very familiar with the ins and outs of the DC METRO and had visited Dr. 366 more words