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Contrail Analytics part 1: virtual networks

Contrail Analytics is a powerful tool which, as the name suggests, provides insights and data about your contrail infrastructure. This means node status, logs, flow sampling and more. 872 more words

News Associations Concerned Over Political Ad Reporting Requirements

“Changing technology and social platforms, and other advertising networks can now target electronic ads at groups and individuals, they can …

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What is the Perfect Balance of Print versus Online Marketing?

Even though social media ads, influencer marketing, and the like have been brought into focus over the last few years, your business should still have … 26 more words


Hire the Best & Reliable Dog Boarding or Pet Sitting Services for your Pet

Every dog lover faces the problem of having to go to some distant place leaving your much beloved dog behind some time or other in his life. 272 more words


Robber who used social media to target victims jailed for 10 years

“In most of the incidents, Ahmad made off with expensive mobile phones which had been advertised on social media and classified ad websites.

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Animal Man Part 2: Crisis Control

With the famous “The Coyote Gospel” in Animal Man #5, Grant Morrison has directly introduced the idea of levels of existence through fiction, that is, the idea that fiction is the creation of another fiction is the creation of another fiction, which ultimately makes it all real.  2,126 more words


What's the Future of Influencer Marketing? Q&A with Pamela Kaupinen of HelloSociety

Social Media Today: How (and when) did you start working in social media? … SMT: What are your thoughts on how Instagram's new ad transparency … 26 more words

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