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Don't Miss: Liberation Dance Party @ DC9, 8/8/15

In 2010, Mark Ronson, who enjoyed a great deal of commercial success this past year with “Uptown Funk,” produced an album for Duran Duran.

In working with the new wave legends, Mark basically said to the band: A lot of younger bands have been eating your lunch in the past 10 years. 305 more words

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Don't Miss: Jenny Hval @ DC9, 9/9/15

Jenny Hval (Photo by Jenny Berger Myhre)

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval may offer a totem for the modern DC working woman with the cover of her new album, Apocalypse, girl, which depicts a woman slumped over a medicine ball, apparently having collapsed, disconnected with the task at hand. 203 more words

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Don't Miss: NE-HI @ DC9, 8/16/15

NE-HI (Photo by Xavier Juarez)

Chicago quartet NE-HI have planned a tour of more than a dozen dates throughout August, bringing their jangle pop to DC9 on Sunday, August 16… 161 more words

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Music Park: Memory Tapes @ Carpark Sweet Sixteen Basketball Picture Disc, 7/24/15

Dayve Hawk of Memory Tapes (Photo courtesy Carpark Records)

Carpark Records released its limited edition 12″ picture disc in honor of its 16th anniversary today! 303 more words

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Music Park: Mourn @ DC9 -- 7/13/15

Mourn (Photo courtesy Captured Tracks)

Yes, Mourn are very young.

Much already has been made of the fact that three members of the alt-rock band from Barcelona are only 18 years old. 465 more words

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Music Park: SOAK @ DC9 -- 7/12/15

SOAK performs at Rough Trade East in London on March 28, 2015. (Photo by Aurelien Guichard)

When Bridie Monds-Watson was 14-years old, a friend of hers was being bullied by another girl at school in Ireland. 539 more words

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Don't Miss: Mourn @ DC9, 7/13/15

Mourn (Photo courtesy Captured Tracks)

Three young women and a childhood friend coming together to record lo-fi punk tracks in Barcelona might sound like the premise of a Woody Allenesque indie film, but the Catalan quartet Mourn are here for real. 223 more words

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