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Music Park: Polyon @ DC9 -- 3/20/15

Polyon – ‘Crest’ from Polyon on Vimeo.

On their Facebook page, trio Polyon describe themselves as “sludgie fuzzpop b/w of post-grunge.” While the sludgie part is hard to argue, critics (like WAMU and DCist) generally have agreed that Polyon represent an interesting addition to post-rock — and for good reason. 267 more words

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Midnight on U Street

It was around midnight and I was making my way to U Street. In my hometown a man is shipwrecked without a car so being able to go out and not have to worry about driving home afterwards was a rare opportunity for me that I didn’t want to miss out on. 1,467 more words


Music Park: Pleasure Curses @ DC9 -- 3/12/15

Jahn Alexander and Evan Maxwell of the Pleasure Curses

A couple of cool synth aficionados and a sultry blonde sophisticate are leading bands that are quickly becoming DC’s most reliably entertaining double bill. 485 more words

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Fainting Goat, and another bartender

DC is a relatively small city, in terms of area and social groups. I dated someone who worked in the restaurant/bar/beer industry for several years, which means I run into his friends fairly often. 2,154 more words


Music Park: Carpark Records 16th Anniversary @ DC9, 3/7/15

Jimmy Whispers is among the acts playing at DC9 on March 7 in an anniversary show for Carpark Records

Carpark Records, based in DC and Brooklyn, is celebrating its 16th anniversary this month with a special series of concerts, including one at… 354 more words

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Music Park: Spirit Animal @ DC9 -- 2/25/15

“Who came to dance?” asked vocalist Steve Cooper of Spirit Animal. He was about to play a dance song.

Despite occupying a very full room at DC9 on Wednesday night, the crowd gave a very noncommittal murmur. 414 more words

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Don't Miss: Leisure Cruise @ DC9, 2/22/15

Born in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Leisure Cruise pairs the synth-driven instrumentation of Dave Hodge (known for Broken Social Scene and Bran Van 3000) and vocalist Leah Siegel. 232 more words

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