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Momiji Appreciation!

I started selecting pictures a few days back but I was just doing other things in these past few days that I didn’t release this post as early as I had hoped to have released it. 683 more words


Mawile Appreciation!

Mawile, my favourite unviable mon. Until Mega Mawile came out that is. That intimidate synergy really made Mega Mawile so good in the competitive scene, singles and doubles. 738 more words


Tama Appreciation!

Ah yes, Tama. When I saw her in the first season of Wixoss, I thought: This is it, this is the greatest character ever. 429 more words


Wandering Sister Appreciation!

Back when there is the long chain of quests to do third job in La Tale, this thing was the thing of nightmares. Good times. 80 more words


Charlotta Appreciation

All in all, Charlotta’s design is a masterpiece. She is the reason why I even considered starting Granblue Fantasy and once I saw her skillset I liked her even more. 454 more words


Sakurauchi Riko Appreciation!

Riko huh. I think this is a pretty long story. Fond memories.

I first saw Riko when I was at the Akihabara Animate store. On the ground floor they were selling Love Live Sunshine goods probably for the first time since the series just came out back then. 827 more words