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CAPTION THIS #1: 3GB Glo BIS subscription for grabs

We’ve commenced another series of DCB giveaways tagged “Caption this” and up for grabs this week is a 3GB Glo BIS subscription.

Every fortnight a funny PIC will be uploaded and you have the opportunity of tagging it with a catchy caption. 69 more words

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모바일 전자상거래 – 모바일 결제의 발전을 위한 다음 단계

최근 모바일 결제 시장은 다양한 단계를 통해 성장하고 있으며 오늘날, 모바일 상거래 (통신사 직접 결제: Direct Carrier Billing)은 국제 기준으로 좋은 결과를 보여주고 있습니다. 이번 포스팅에서 엑솔라는 기존의 문자 결제 (프리미엄 SMS)에서 스마트폰 결제의 주요 방법이 된 모바일 전자상거래의 역사를 짚어보고자 합니다. 39 more words

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SMB Direct over RoCE Demo – Hosts & Switches Configuration Example

As mentioned in Where SMB Direct, RoCE, RDMA & DCB fit into the stack this post’s only function is to give you an overview of the configurations used in the demo blogs/videos. 582 more words

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SMB Direct with DCB, PFC, ETS … How do I know it works?!

A question that comes up over time, again and again, is how do you know SMB Direct is working. The question stems from a nagging feeling that configuring DCB is a bit of playing wizard’s apprentice and we might not completely know what we’re doing, i.e. 677 more words

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