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Cheers to you, from us!

“Aye, well of course we’ve a pint for you… whatever you are. Sir.

Nevermind the tail, we don’ judge o’er ‘ere. Gran’ma Crooks ‘asĀ  a ‘alf-dozen tentacles. 154 more words


Free "Devon Scrutiny Symposium" 7 September, 10-4 pm, County Hall

Not heavily publicised, picked up off Twitter. One rule of scrutiny: make it accessible to all …!


Two unitary Devon areas - the case against weakens

DCC leader John Hart has gone on record as saying two unitary councils for two different parts of Devon can never happen, since however you split the county there would always be a poorer authority and a richer one. 103 more words


Will Torbay (and its soon-to-be-unelected Mayor and Tory majority) be next to topple?

During the last few turbulent years Torbay elected a super-Mayor, had a referendum to stop having a super-Mayor, its Tories split, split again, then split again and recently it was suggested by councillors that it should be subsumed back into Devon County Council. 311 more words


"Local council plans for Brexit disruption and unrest revealed"

Owl wonders what EDDC and DCC (and our Local Enterprise Partnership) have arranged for us.

“Councils around the UK have begun preparing for possible repercussions of various forms of Brexit, ranging from potential difficulties with farming and delivering services to concerns about civil unrest. 395 more words


Devon CCGs want to merge (but looks like they already did it!)

Owl says: anyone recallveing consulted about this? And surely, if it is for cost-sVing, all previous financial scenarios at the two CCGs must be recalculated. And shouldn’t this be rescrutinised by DCC? 330 more words


Gencon and other Delusions

Just got back from Indy a couple days ago, and I can almost function normally again. Saw some people I hadn’t seen in quite a while and bought the mandatory… 166 more words