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The Flash Season 4 Inspired By DC's Rebirth

Throughout these three seasons, The Flash fans have witnessed the tone shift this story has taken. The series started being lighthearted and season 3 proved to be quite dark. 336 more words

Supergirl Recap 2x22

Nevertheless, She Persisted

This season finale actually snatched my edges, I’m really proud of the writers for stepping up even though they forgot to include James. 1,343 more words

Supergirl 2x21

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy (but we teamed up anyway)

This week’s Supergirl gives us Rhea trying to conquer Earth and Earth trying to stop her; plus Cat is back! 972 more words

Supergirl 2x20

 Issa James Episode

After months of me complaining, the Supergirl writers throw me an old dry bone and give James a black episode… sigh, let’s get into it. 1,455 more words

Supergirl Recap 2x19

Where’s Waldo: Supergirl Edition

This week’s Supergirl takes a page from Saw when Alex is kidnapped and Maggie and Kara team up to save her. 1,080 more words

Supergirl Recap 2x18

My Super Best friend’s Robot ex-boyfriend

Aaaannnd we’re back… again. To be honest I feel like I have typed this sentence or some semblance of this all season. 1,225 more words

LA Rapper Krondon cast as Tobias Whale in Black Lightning

CW is adding another Superhero drama to the network, and we keep getting more casting news constantly. Today, we get more casting news for Black Lightning. 127 more words