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So, I found a great fantasy art book in Paris...

I was in Paris this weekend, and was recommended by my friend Adrian, who is also one of my player’s in my own group, to go to Rue Dante and check out the comic book stores there. 530 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

The Sunless Citadel: Session 1

Hello Everyone! Over the weekend I had my first session of my new D&D campaign. While I can’t share all the details of the start of the campaign, because my party reads this blog, I will share what details I can. 859 more words


The Bullet Sponge

This post is kind of a continuation of the last one, so if you haven’t read it you can click this -> A lesson learned about mass combat… 518 more words

Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session 27

While the group had completed the published adventure, I wanted to give them the opportunity to wrap up loose ends or pursue personal goals before heading into book 3. 1,602 more words


Monk Traditions: Drunken Fist

So, I realize that it’s been awhile since my last post, and things have been busy looking for a job and getting ready for a few other things. 346 more words


The 4 Stocks That Buoyed the Dow on Tuesday

October 6, 2015: Markets opened lower on Tuesday following August’s higher-than-expected U.S. trade deficit of $48.3 billion. The Nasdaq Composite was weighed down again today by biotech weakness and little enthusiasm for the big tech stocks. 309 more words


Bottom of the Deck - 15/10/06

Greetings everypeoples, I have survived Monday (and most of my Tuesday so far) to bring you this update.

Following on from last week, I took part in the 24 Hour Comic Day challenge, and was successful! 461 more words

Bottom Of The Deck