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Battlesystem Brawl - Krutzworth Steelbelly

Say hello to Krutzworth Steelbelly! He’s my character for the Battlesystem Brawl – coming this Sunday night at 7:30 to The Tome Show’s Twitch channel… 156 more words


[New Magic Item] Necklace of Changing Leaves

Necklace of Changing Leaves

Chalk did a double-take as the lithe half-elven bard walked by the adventurers again, she flashed him a smile this time and gently brushed his arm. 173 more words

Swords & Sorcery

Peoples of Tòlanar #1: Aàvov

I have started finalizing the various races and sub races, working out just what lives where. I have plans to eventually have a Wiki type article on each one,  but that will take a lot more work on the history, etc., and so I am posting the brief outlines of each race as I get it done. 922 more words

Silent Conversations

Time for some event catchups!

Fabulousness from 8f8…Silent Conversations….pond, Sakura tree and Koi…all available in a gacha at SOU…a Creation.jp event that runs until the 15th of April. 235 more words