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The DM Wins!

The Imperium campaign has continued moving along as the party grows both stronger in their powers and within their grasp of political power. Currently they just achieved 12th level and are slowly marching at the head of an army towards the capital of the Grand Duchy of Elmsfjord to either arrest or kill the Grand Duke. 400 more words


Games, Figurines, and Painting by Numbers

My father was a painter. Oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, on canvas and on paper. By trade, he was a lithographer, but at home, he was a painter, and that’s how I always thought of him: as an artist. 898 more words


Ship It

As with about 80% of all hilarious things that happen in Critical Role, this one starts with Sam having a bright idea.

I am in constant awe of that man’s ability to concoct the absurd. 162 more words


What A Tool!

Who doesn’t love a good tool? If you check out fifth edition D&D, gaining tool proficiencies is a big part of character creation. Many classes and backgrounds give characters a proficiency or three to help round out what they can do. 1,993 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

The Adventures of Team BAJA - S2 Ep 6: the Borderlands

After escaping certain arrest by authorities from the City of Brass, the team meet up with the odd duo Nuria and Doctor Roqet. The party discuss their next direction, revealing information about a mysterious vault full of powerful magic items and relics. 1,795 more words


Gravelox and Gearslayer

Just another gaming character intro.  I know… seems like with all these games I’m playing I probably don’t have time to write, work, sleep… but hell, let’s just say I’d rather be gaming!   1,429 more words


DD Release: Ch. 7

The first release of the evening: Chapter 7 – Anomaly Identified is out!

Raven will be making an appearance later this evening ;)