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Review: Deadly Dungeon Doors - DM's Guild Product

As a general rule, I don’t give dungeon doors much thought as a DM. Sure, I’ve used a few intricate carvings here and there, or the odd talking door (I love the talking stone gate which offers riddles in 13th Age’s… 1,013 more words


My Maternity Body

I’ve spent the morning in floods of tears.
Not because something horrendously bad has happened.
Not because ‘just hormones’.
Because the way my body has changed during pregnancy doesn’t fit society’s norm. 1,177 more words

Mental Health

Aspitis Preves: The 1 Adventure Hero

In writing about the player character Ren Treesinger (here and here) I came across a mention of a fallen character named Aspitis Preves. I have no memory of this character so I dived back into my old collection of D&D papers from the 1990s and uncovered more information about him, which I shared in a recent post entitled “ 625 more words

Old School D&D

My First Kill.

I have DM’d various RPG systems (mostly of my own making) since I was 15 years old. I’ve DM’d for twenty three people, and thirty two characters. 1,652 more words



I decided to sail south from Annan’s Port and check out the capital.  The trip was easy and peaceful. The most exciting thing that happened was a pod of Erde’s dolphins surrounded the ship and escorted us for most of a day.  200 more words

Dramatis Personae

In this, the next installment of The Five Kingdoms, we follow our heroes as they overcome seemingly impossible odds while facing nigh implacable enemies for a truly improbable goal. 856 more words