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More City Sights

More things to see or observe in a city.

This listing may be used to generate the odd hook to encourage the party to interact with the setting. 35 more words


Selvarius's Journal 02/17/2020

I despair sometimes of ever keeping this record up to date. Grand events, it seems, are always in the offing. This time it’s conspiracy. Yes, we’ve uncovered what appears to be a long-running, wide-ranging conspiracy that threatens to destabilize relations across the known world. 1,754 more words

Short Stories


Roachlings are described very poorly by the Tome of Beasts. They “combin[e] the worse of human and cockroach qualities,” they are “an unpleasant humanoid race,” “unclean and ill-mannered.” They are another goblin stand in, small people that are designed to be victims of low level adventurers without deep need to examine killing them in large numbers. 433 more words

5th Edition

Monster of the Week: Animated Statue (Hoboman)

All art is dangerous.

Films Synopsis: In the petty world of art criticism, where money talks and talent walks, the works of a psychotic artist are uncovered by a struggling careerist hoping to make a name in the scene. 258 more words


Warlock Patron: The Cat Lord

Worshiped by cats and often thieves’ guilds, the Cat Lord is the master cat and ruler of all felines. He walks the planes unheeded as no devil or deity wishes to cross him. 759 more words


To the stores!

Leaving the Blackstaff’s tower, Plukz directs everyone towards the market near the Halls of Justice. As they leave the goblin complains the tower makes him feel uncomfortable claiming it is taller on the inside. 1,338 more words


Diary Entry #19

Dear Diary,

I’m so excited about the changes that are soon coming to the blog! I’m just ready to make more moves. I will say though, I feel like I’m constantly being asked by my grandparents when I’m going to make money or if I’ve made money for my blog. 150 more words