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Anyone familiar with the original PnP will know how difficult it is to roll an 18.

.               % chance
score          on 3d6… 410 more words

Baldur's Gate

Recruiting, part 3

The crossover teambuilding began here and continued here continues as we meet yet another adventurer from a new world.


Approximately one month after the death of Thain Dukragiirn, Gurrk Arrak Gutshaker found himself knocking on the door to the rooms of the trapspringer Diessa. 2,855 more words


Monstrous Monday: The Hyperborean Owlbear

QUICK UPDATE: The Monster Archive on my Downloads page has been updated to include all November monsters.

And welcome to the first unofficial Monstrous Monday of December. 632 more words


100 Largest Private Companies

A number of America’s largest private companies are big enough in terms of revenue that had they been public they would have placed in the upper ranks of the Fortune 500. 2,802 more words


D&D 5E - "Lost Mine of Phandelver" Session 11 Recap

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Going Off-Grid?

There’s a certain type of role-player that treats groups that use grids with the same disdain art-house cinema fans show for those queueing up for the next Michael Bay blockbuster. 1,413 more words

D&D 5E