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Kogo Mountain

Kogo Mountain is one of those spectacular places that develops its own deity, or kami, because of the awe, reverence, and worship of thinking beings.  It is the largest mountain on this continent, and probably the largest on all of Erde, being as big as Mount Everest.  105 more words

Unearthed Arcana - Cleric Divine Domains

Onto the next instalment of Unearthed Arcana: Cleric Divine Domains! If you’ve not already taken a look, check it out here.

I’m quite surprised that we’re doing more Divine Domains (DD) in honesty. 1,470 more words


Two-Score's Tale Five: Shadow over Dagonsville

Welcome back, friends, to another Two-Score Tale! Last time I left you in the midst of battle. Attacked by several vessels, our naval transport returned fire. 1,280 more words


Brain Dogs

“It’s literally a brain on legs.”
-Bex Shea

Intellect devourers are one of those rarely used monsters that come up maybe once every other campaign. They have a long pedigree that stretches back to the early years of D&D.

262 more words

Death's Ride

Hey everyone,

So I recently I have been invited by Two Guys, Tea, and D&D, to take part in a mini campaign that will be using an old Grey Hawk Module called… 376 more words


Do You Hear What I Hear? (RPG version)

Here’s another D&D/RPG-themed Christmas-carol parody! While thinking about what other carols I could rip to shreds, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” came to mind… and I reckoned it’d be thoroughly appropriate for a bunch of scared adventurers… bwahahaha :D… 195 more words



This is a short piece of fantasy flash fiction about another time and another place, and the powerful and inescapable force that resides within its disjointed folds.  260 more words

Flash Fiction