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Kingmaker: The App - Update 7

I was holding off on doing another update until I had the mass combat rules working, but that’s been taking a long time, for a variety of reasons. 285 more words


D&D #2: The Uncharted Desert Isle

We made it to shore and scouted out a ruined complex on the island we spotted last game. Inside we found a teleportation chamber that took us to the desert in the southern continent. 353 more words

Role Playing Games

D&D #1: Avast - Kobolds on the High Seas

I’ll be describing the game from the point of view of my character Black Jack Barcelona. Black Jack is a former sailor who found religion after his former shipmates were slain and he was left to die. 736 more words

Role Playing Games

The 4 Stocks That Sank the Dow on Friday

September 4, 2015: Markets opened lower on Friday following the nonfarm payroll report this morning, likely because the low headline unemployment rate (5.1%) and the four-week average job growth total (221,000 new jobs) could be the signal the Fed has been waiting for before raising rates at the FOMC meeting later this month. 281 more words


Site Title...WOOPS!

Just realized that the blog didn’t have a title, so it wasnt showing up in browsers. Sorry about that people. Now we have an official title and look a lot less fly by night. WOOPS!


[New Spell] One-Way Wall

One-Way Wall

Chalk watched as the goblins charged the wall from the safety of a ledge above. Three dropped lifeless to the ground as the little humanoids tried to get at the treasure on the other side of the magically clear wall. 178 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Bonus Action 011 - Spellcasting Part III

A new episode of my podcast, Bonus Action, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

In this episode Sam Dillon and discuss the difference in spellcasting rules between classes. 90 more words