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New and Revised D&D 5e Character Sheets

In about half an hour I will playtesting two new variations of my D&D 5e character sheet. For one I modified the back page of the mage sheet to make it suitable for a warlock. 422 more words



Fìgheadairlelth is the last god remaining of the Drow race.

Once the lowest of the Drow deities he was the god of Driders and slave to the late Drow Queen. 79 more words


Nerd Alert!

Once a nerd, always a nerd.  My middle and high school years were spent dressed in camouflage and memorizing the contents of the Fiend Folio… 411 more words


Roll 1d4 Gamers: Temple of Elemental Evil Episode 4 Released!

Join Ted, Nate, and Chris for an “actual play” session of our own take on the classic TSR module The Temple of Elemental Evil T1-4, adapted for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. 94 more words

Actual Play

The Mentalist: A Pulp Hero for Your 5E Game

Hacking the Warlock into a Pulp Action Hero

Recently, I was listening to The Mad Adventurers’ Society: Stories from the Fifth Age, which is a solid podcast about the story aspects of 5th Edition games (as opposed to the gaming aspects), and the hosts were talking about the Warlock class. 3,884 more words

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Edditional Confessions

My gaming provenance started in the early nineties. I learned with the basic boxed set with the gigantic red dragon on the cover by Jeff Easley. 920 more words

Behind The Screen

Gorman di Wulfe Redux

So it’s been close to two years since I’ve even looked at Gorman di Wulfe and it reminded me of the concept of loading up an arrow (bolt, throwable, etc) with a comical amount of damage and dropping it on enemies (think of this as a vital strike build without all the disappointment and sadness). 888 more words