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Life as RPG

I have played game master in a pen and paper Roleplaying Game for each of my three boys.
It’s odd; thinking back. Every son was different. 928 more words

A Microparty, A Macroparty

So the 5th Edition lunch game at work as suffered some major attrition lately and the group is now down to two player characters and myself. 407 more words


Creating Better NPC's

So often on the show I Dungeon Master for (Howreroll), People comment on the Non Player Characters or NPC’s that I create and introduce. 2,081 more words

D And D

Starvale Adventures: A Prelude to Darkness - Chapter 21

A few days later as the sun finally sets in the west, everyone is settling down for one last beverage. Whittlee, one of Freia’s daughters, sees to the late-night crowd. 1,269 more words


From under her hermit shell she comes.

If there is anyone out there, I am here, alive and well!

I have been under some serious hiding lately and I can’t say I am proud. 269 more words


5 Ways Inviting a Substitute Dungeon Master Can Be Awesome

The first time a player asked me to allow them to run a micro-module in the middle of my 6-month campaign, my mind rebelled at the notion. 1,208 more words

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