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Session 3: Assault on Vraath Keep

Session 3 opened up with a fairly long planning session on how exactly to assault Vraath Keep.  The party consulted with Jorr, the woods guide, and he advocated a few ideas like “the direct approach” and sneaking in under the cover of darkness and killing the occupants in their sleep.  355 more words


Let's Talk Dice

Dice.  Is there any sound sweeter to a gamer’s ears than the clatter of dice?  It means the game is on and adventure awaits.  Even though the role-playing side of things is my main reason for gaming, I know that some of the best and most dramatic moments in any game rely on chance and the roll of the dice. 541 more words

200 Hours - The Time Served DM

About a week and a half ago, two hours into my Curse of Strahd game, I hit a major milestone in my return to playing tabletop roleplaying games. 504 more words


Duilcron - The Beginning

     “For committing the highly illegal act of murder, I am sentencing you to the depths of our deepest dungeon, never to see the light of day again!” … 673 more words


S1E16 Keldwin - The Justice Fist Pt.5


With keldwin no longer a giant pink bunny, can he make it through the REST of The Justice Fist and find the sword or will he get sidetracked again? 55 more words

Episode Notes

Shieldmaidens of Ancient Freya

What happens when your PCs make a name for themselves in your game world? Why, bloodthirsty assassins seek to fulfill bounties on their heads, of course!

Shieldmaidens of Ancient Freya


My First Dungeons and Dragons

I arrive at the game store. Sporting a shiny new Player’s Handbook in my arms and a set of dice from the Starter Kit in my pocket, I ignore my humming nerves, enter, and observe. 2,066 more words

Working Through Widowhood