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Critical Role: Breaking The Dungeon Master

Honestly, I think that, beyond just what Critical Role offers as a viewing experience in terms of how the game is played, and the truly massive adventure that Matt Mercer created, a lot of what draws people in is the players. 179 more words


The Tragedy of Rhogar Delmirev (Beginning)

“The Tragedy of Rhogar Delmirev” is something I’ve been working on for a while now. It originally started as my character’s backstory for a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign between some friends and myself. 829 more words

Short post mostly about cable modem problems

Having horrible internet problems, been having these problems all day and they are worse tonight.  Teresa tried what she knows to do and that didn’t do any good.  347 more words

Orcs, the Other Green Meat: Breaking Racial Stereotypes in Tabletop Games

Whether in the real world or at the gaming table, many people have stereotypes and expectations about an individual’s race. Today I won’t be taking about real world racial stereotyping (although I have a lot to say on that matter as well). 615 more words

Tales from the Bog (III): Owl and the Frost

Continued from Tales from the Bog (II): Owl and the Frost.

If Garric was not in the warm safety of his home, he would be fuming like a halfling fresh out of the hot spring – so angry he was he couldn’t keep the cloak on, instead tossing it into the corner of his attic, pacing back and forth from one corner to the other. 3,534 more words


The Lunar Enclave

Pixies are fickle beings. They fit from branch to branch, visiting one another in the hopes of finding the gossip before anyone else does. So when the news of the death of Queen Xanith broke, it was already too late for secrecy. 250 more words

Bear Cave