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D&D and social skills

Panda had the opportunity this Spring to get into group at her social skills center that ran a D&D group for 6wks.  It was only for kids that go to Skills in Motion.  873 more words


Adventurer Biography

Oren Vessay

In the many years that we have traveled together, I have come to understand that, because of the afflicted’s touch, Oren is… different. While not a true lycanthrope, the effects of the curse that lay upon him are evident in his powers. 4,722 more words


Dear Diary 6/17

I was going to wait to post more of these, however they are very important to me so here is another one. Same disclaimer as before, a story with RL influence. 1,087 more words


Campaign Core: Werewolf Apocalypse

The second in the series of Campaign Cores from Ebethan Game Designs is now available!

You Can Find It Here!

The Werewolf Apocalypse pits your adventurers against a predatory cult with unnatural powers. 100 more words


Grell Review: Dungeon World

Dungeon World is a fantasy roleplaying game published by Sage Kobold Productions. The game is Powered by the Apocalypse, meaning it runs off of a modified Apocalypse World engine. 1,032 more words


D&D Sky Pirates 7 – Lullin

The Sky Pirates party discovered what lay outside the portal they took in the underground spire and uncovered some dubious information about the town of Lullin. 2,206 more words

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