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The 4 Stocks That Weighed on the Dow Tuesday

August 4, 2015: Markets opened slightly higher again on Tuesday absent any upbeat U.S. economic data. Apple stock is dragging down the tech sector, and that kept the indexes trading near their flat line for the day. 277 more words




Shosha watched Ganhu walk out after Shay’s disappearance into the night. She knew that if they needed her they would come for her, and she wasn’t wrong. 1,288 more words


Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign - Kickstarter

I believe in supporting independent creators when I can, and am especially a fan of supporting friends and acquaintances with their projects. GP Adventures has launched one for… 244 more words


The one when a riot interrupted the game!

So lets go back to the early nineties. I had been playing with a particular friend from school for many years. We had participated in many weekend long sessions and had played all manner of Role Playing games together. 783 more words

D And D

Delving into a new gaming system

My friends and I have been life-long RPG gamers. Mostly our time has been spent in basements, around tables, playing the worlds oldest role playing game. 225 more words

Savage Worlds

World Building Guide. Part 3.

We have previously discussed how to begin putting a world together, and how to build the structure of your first town or village. We also looked at building your Non Player Characters in that settlement as well as their relationships with each other. 1,625 more words

Be A Better Dungeon Master

#RPGaDay2015 - Most Surprising Game

D&D 5th edition. I tried it because I always give D&D editions a fair shake. After years of playing 3.X/Pathfinder I felt it was too bloated and complicated, and since I didn’t really like 4th edition at all, I declared 2nd edition AD&D my favorite edition (followed… 71 more words

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