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Draft Layout and Sample Page from the Great Dale

For those who’ve followed my infrequent posting this summer, you should be aware I’ve been focused on finishing a campaign guide to the Great Dale region of the Forgotten Realms. 244 more words


The Chronicling of our D&D Campaign Part 33 – Bats in the Belfry

Welcome to the novelization of my current D&D campaign, told through the perspective of the characters. For me, it lets me do a little creative writing between more serious projects. 4,659 more words


Gushing: Critical Role Ep. 76

I fangirled so hard this episode of Critical Role.


We see a new Fjord. The wild mother took him in and wrapped in lovingly in seaweed and changed him. 97 more words

Backstory: Kirov, The Exiled

Context: D&D 5e homebrew game based in Dragon Age universe.

Elven Monk (Way of Shadow)

I am an outcast. I am a speaker of the truth as it finds me. 342 more words

5th Edition

Game Night, Session 11; Lon-Kar

At Bran’s request, the group traveled to Lon-Kar, a Dwergar city to return the battleaxe he recovered from the murdered Dwerg smith they encountered when they were dealing with Slythis on Piketon Road.  987 more words


Hold the Bridge! - Storm King's Thunder #4

Lini Bagwhistle, Third Heir and Steward of the Silver Anvil, concentrates on the small ember forming in the palm of her hand. Her thoughts drift to the long journey that has brought her to Nightstone while she watches the ember grow into a fist-sized ball of flame. 2,940 more words


Dogs of D&D

Every dog is a doggo and every doggo is a good doggo!

If you don’t believe these words then fight me cause they are true. As DMs we can’t deny we love throwing wolves at our PCs as some easy combat encounters. 1,939 more words