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Moving Your Concept Past The FDA Requires Documentation

There is always a market for innovative medical equipment that advances healthcare, no matter how small the application. Maybe you have an idea that would improve an already existing device or a diagnostic apparatus that would revolutionize the patient experience. 394 more words

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#27. Koffin Kats, The Analogs, Rotten Stitches, and Noogy.


This issue we welcome Keith Bradford, our newest addition to the zine family. Oi! Oi! We start this off with Detroit’s own, Koffin Kats… Let’s throw a little psychobilly in the mix, why don’t we? 3,904 more words


How To Design With Digital in Mind

Today’s consumers have higher expectations of products’ capabilities than ever before. With the fast growth of smart technology, everyday appliances can now perform some pretty amazing tasks, making the ease and convenience once relegated to science fiction a reality available to millions. 387 more words

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How many more metabolites like this are out there?

3′ deoxy 3′ 4′ didehydro cytidine triphosphate — doesn’t roll’ tripgingly on the tongue’ does it? (Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 1–4).  Can you draw the structure?   192 more words

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Some public libraries have abandoned DDC in favor of BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications, the classification system used at most bookstores). If you were setting up a library, which would you use?

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Making the Jump to Smart Product Design

Across many industries, the market of everyday consumer products is being transformed by the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), both on the customer side via new functionality and on the manufacturer side with new insight into customers’ responses to products. 415 more words

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IoT Circuit Board Design Is Hot Right Now

26The Internet of Things (IoT) has presented a world where the digital and physical worlds can truly live together. It’s no surprise that more companies are interested in providing connected devices that take advantage of this change in the technology landscape. 411 more words

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