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New Year Dumplings: Because Your Diet Was Never Going To Happen

Koreans mark the Lunar New Year festival with an interesting tradition – they eat a bowl of ddeok guk, or rice-cake soup in the (mildly-held, not at all serious) belief that it helps you turn a year older. 1,302 more words


Oeam Folk Village in Asan

I took this trip quite a long time ago. My co-worker invited me to her brother’s home when I was still pretty new. It was such an awesome random act of kindness that I wasn’t used to. 339 more words


Ddeok, Korean Rice Cakes

Ddeok (떡) is the Korean variation of rice cakes. Ddeoks are made from sweet glutinous rice flour and also include other ingredients such as: red bean paste, mung beans, korean dates, fruits, and much more. 363 more words