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Cheaper and affordable anti ddos solution

Nowadays ddos attacks become common. Because of ddos the bandwidth of the server gets overload and speed of the network get slow down. Basically, attacks occur when multiple requests sent simultaneously from multiple computers .But now many… 138 more words


DDOS protection

Any ddos attacker collect resources and target the IP address of any organization. Those resources create traffic on the network due to which the speed of the network gets slow down. 151 more words

DDOS protection

Nowadays many organizations have to face traffic on their network, due to which many threats occur, like the speed of the network slows down or sometimes disconnection of the wireless network. 164 more words

What Is Anti DDoS? Does It Make Sense To Hire An Anti DDoS Company?

If you are just like most people, you probably do not have any idea on What is anti DDoS? Well, don’t you worry because once you figured out what the DDoS in what is anti DDoS stands for, it will be very easy to make heads and tails out of it. 242 more words

Anti DDoS

Answering What Is Anti DDoS

There is no question that security is a major issue for many websites and for many companies operating online today. While an SSL certificate can help keep a customer’s private information safe, and allows giant online retailers like Amazon.com to exist, there are still many other ways problems can arise. 354 more words

Anti DDoS

Iran-linked Hackers Used "Infy" Malware in Attacks Since 2007

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks have come across a new malware family that appears to have been used by an Iran-based threat actor in targeted espionage operations since 2007. 508 more words

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Application Layer Attacks Could Defeat DDoS Protection

Security Researchers have officially observed large application-layered distributed denial-of-service attacks using new techniques that could end up foiling DDoS protection and defenses. This could be a sign of things and change for web application operators. 640 more words