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Politically Motivated Denial of Service Attacks

Universities are prime targets for DDos attacks. In this research, Jose Nazario from Arbor Networks explores the history of DDos attacks; previously designed to inflict punitive damage on the victim but have since grown into sophisticated censorship tools. 140 more words


Kaspersky discovers that longest DDoS attack lasted for 320 hours in 2015

Security providing firm Kaspersky revealed in its latest research report that the longest DDoS attack lasted for 320 hours in 2015. DDoS is nothing but distributed denial of service, where attacks involve a number of PCs accessing the server at once, forcing the server to crash. 317 more words


MySQL servers located worldwide infected with DDoS malware!

Symantec researchers found MySQL servers around the globe are infected with a malware program dubbed Chikdos that has variants for both Windows and Linux. This malware has the capability of launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. 293 more words


Greengeeks are … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, Waste Of Money

I “inherited” a hosting account with Greengeeks via my business partner. Our sites used to be hosted with them, but we’re currently moving away from them, because, to be blunt, they are awful in so many ways. 780 more words

Don Charisma

User not Found: Attribution Issue in Taiwan's Cyber Security

Cyber security is a fascinating topic and the debate on cyber security in respect to Taiwan is very much needed. Thus, it is always good to see elaborated argument such is the case of… 2,269 more words


DDoS attacks hit record numbers in Q2 2015

The number of denial of service in the second quarter of 2015 reached record levels, according to the latest state of the Internet from Akamai. 290 more words


How hacking & cyber attacks affect business

Data in transit or storage is vulnerable to outside interference. We call such interference, cyber attacks, which can take on many forms. Two major areas of concern are hacking and Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 728 more words