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Attackers Abuse RIPv1 Protocol for DDoS Reflection: Akamai

The old Routing Information Protocol version 1 (RIPv1) has been abused by malicious actors for reflection distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, Akamai has warned.

According to an alert from Akamai Technologies’ Prolexic Security Engineering and Response Team (PLXsert), researchers spotted an operation leveraging weaknesses in the routing protocol on May 16, after nearly one year in which this technique wasn’t used for DDoS attacks. 558 more words

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Social Networks Vulnerable to New Malware Called Linux/Moose

A new research paper on Linux/Moose shows that the malware is a significant threat to social networks by hijacking routers and causing havoc in more ways than one. 507 more words


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DDoS On The Move: More Countries Suffered Botnet Attacks in Q1

Cybercriminals in Q1 2015 carried out more than 23,000 botnet-assisted DDoS attacks on web resources located in 76 countries. Servers in the USA, Canada and China were most frequently targeted, while the top 10 victims also included resources in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, according to Kaspersky Lab’s latest statistics. 303 more words


Ice Hounds Hit Hard by CP DDoS Attacks

SLEET, IH Nation- The recent DDoS attacks on Club Penguin have hit everyone hard, especially the Ice Hounds who have been hit hard by the attack. 519 more words

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How You Can Avoid Downtime and DDoS Attacks

No, we are not talking about your relaxation time; we are talking about server/router/internet down time, which can cost organizations thousands or even millions a year. 439 more words

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The SDK: The Privacy Edition 2015.04.01

Hack Updates Uber denies security breach despite reports of logins for sale online, The Guardian, March 30, 2015 “Technology site Motherboard was able to verify that some of the stolen credentials were valid and included names, usernames, passwords, partial credit card numbers and telephone numbers for Uber users.” In the past, “Uber has been criticised in the past for the way it handles customer data and the ability of staff to access a “god mode”, which allowed employees to track riders using the GPS in their smartphones and the Uber app.. 1,336 more words

The SDK: The Privacy Edition

The Ouch Points of Internet; 10-March-2015

I am quick enough to talk about other people’s addictions to their phones, Facebook, or chat applications but I am not that fast in pointing out my own addictions to internet and my computer. 68 more words

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