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DDR2 and DDR3 memory is now available in 3 types (@amd, @intel and dualmode)

DDR2 and DDR3 memory for desktops and notebooks is now available in 3 types (@amd, @intel and dualmode)

  • Intel DDR2/3 are 10bit with 8K blocks (DO NOT WORK WITH AMD HW)
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Debugging DDRn: Waveform + Protocol Analyzer

We have all debugged SOC and IP level issues using signal level waveforms. Its a tedious and laborious process. Are there any ways that can make design debug easier?  650 more words

512MB (1X512MB Dimm) PC2-3200 Non Chipkill CL3 Ecc DDR2 Sdram Rdimm

Item #: 027644. The new IBM memory upgrade offerings let you upgrade standard system memory capacity, helping to improve overall system performance.

Product Description
IBM memory – 512 MB – DIMM 240-pin – DDR II… 80 more words