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Love and Distance

“Well, all words seem silly,” Simone penned[1]. “You seem so near, so near, let me come near to you too. And let me, as in the past times, let me be in my own heart forever.”

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Don’t butcher the rabbit ragoût

I’ve been attempting to cook my way through the wide variety of meats available here. Butchers are almost as numerous in my neighbourhood as bakeries, and they sell an impressive variety of dead things, at least for me who expects only a North American baseline of beef, pork and chicken. 1,110 more words


Disincorporation, Gender-Fluidity and the Metamorphic Self

The hegemonic strategy of the business-class distinguishes itself against pre-capitalist modes of management in its astonishing ability to incorporate, neutralise, domesticate dissent.  232 more words


Beauvoirian Reflections on the Political Phenomenology of Transphilia

Unless one is in thrall to that malady which de Beauvoir characterises as the mode-of-being which is the ‘Serious’, then it is obvious that many stances on political issues are better comprehended as symptomatic expressions of the subject-position which adopts those stances than as ‘about’ their ostensible objects. 442 more words



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I hate getting my period – it’s four days of the month when everything gets harder to do**.

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De Beauvoir

Tea & Birthday Cake at our 4th Birthday and AGM

In May we celebrated our 4th Birthday with tea and cake and our AGM.  We looked back at all the fun we had last year and enjoyed a wonderful slide show of images from the last 12 months and planned for new and exciting adventures ahead. 55 more words

Womens Institute

¿Azul o Naranja? el combate entre conservadurismo y progresismo.

Hay una grieta en la derecha mundial, ampliamente conocida por los astutos estrategas que militan para el marxismo moderno, es una herida que aqueja al elefante y que hace que su trompa se pelee con su cola, hablo de los temas socio-culturales. 1,355 more words

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