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Sartre's Existential Lobsters

‘“What crabs? Are you mad? What crabs? Ah! Yes. Well, yes… The crabs are men. And so? Where did I get that idea? Real men, good and beautiful, on all the balconies of the centuries.

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Simone de Beauvoir

In The Ethics of Ambiguity, Simone de Beauvoire projects the idea that “outside of existence there is nobody. Man exists.” She, like the other atheistic existentialists, deny the existence of a God or higher being and, in doing so, repudiates the ethical systems ascribed to man by religion. 648 more words

An eclectic April meeting!

Even with great articles busting the myth that the WI is more than just all “jam and Jerusalem” sometimes I don’t think people believe me. However, if they’d come to our latest meeting then seeing really would have been believing. 481 more words

Womens Institute

A Dish Best Served Wild

Wild Tales, Damián Szifron, 2014

“That’s our country. Everyone wants these guys to get what they deserve, but no-one is willing to lift a finger.” … 780 more words



down in a quilt ive never seen before
im cuddled and kindled and unabashedly adored
theyre towering above me, im sleeping
with them and they are nursing me… 703 more words


Pay For The Fucking Meal - Guest Blog

I hope I never have to read one more fucking, megabyte-wasting idiot jumping up and down on the anti-feminist bandwagon spouting about how they believe in equality, and that feminism is elitist, and that feminists don’t care about women. 532 more words


Hoxton Mini Press

The March meeting was most interesting, in two parts.

To begin, Jacquie Campbell gave us an important insight into the work of Target Ovarian Cancer, as this is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. 202 more words

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