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Week 1 - The Gaze

“Indeed a certain power dynamic is inherent within the gaze as a medium and images possess a very commanding presence- there is a perverse pleasure in looking and not being able to look away.

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City of Death to the Temple of Desire

The temperature was dropping in time with the darkening, approaching dusk. I walked across from Hotel Raspail, crossing the Blvd Raspail, through rue Hygens where clutches of youngsters sat on the doorsteps to the Ecole Bert and Gymnasium Huygens. 1,305 more words


Ethics of Ambiguity Part III: The Positive Aspect of Ambiguity

Simone de Beauvoir starts the chapter by criticizing an attitude that she calls aesthetic, which is an attempt to purely contemplate the world without trying to change it. 1,886 more words

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Simone de Beauvoir Ethics of Ambiguity: Personal Freedom and Others

In the last part, de Beauvoir outlines the general conditions of humans and their project of freedom. Man is stuck in the “lack” between pure facticity and complete subjectivity, but it is in this lack that freedom arises. 2,846 more words

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Time for Round 2

This morning was a shocker. The very event I was dreading took place–Trump won the presidency. After so many forecasts being so sure that Hillary would win, Trump took the office. 346 more words

Simone de Beauvoir Ethics of Ambiguity I

“The characteristic feature of all ethics is to consider human life as a game that can be won or lost and to teach man the means of winning,” and so Simone de Beauvoir devotes the first chapter of Ethics of Ambiguity to describe the board, players, and rules of this game. 2,470 more words

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De Beauvoir Association Christmas Fair

The De Beauvoir Association Christmas Fair will on Saturday 26 November in the Crypt. We will be selling crafts and preserves, all handmade in De Beauvoir with love.