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Sex, drugs, and foie gras: Pain, longing, and desire in food blogging

Above: “ Paolo and Francesca,” painting by 19th-century Italian artist Carlo Arienti (image via Wikipedia Creative Commons).

Unless you entirely missed out on the Western canon, you have surely read about Paolo and Francesca, the star-crossed lovers who Dante and Virgil encounter in the fifth… 440 more words

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Carbonara, the ultimate hypertext? A post @NPR (and more @UniSG)

From the department of “food for thought”…

Text, extratext, metatext, paratext… None intrigues me more than hypertext.

hypertext, text which does not form a single sequence and which may be read in various orders” ( 246 more words

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The power of food as history and memory...

Above: over the weekend in Turin, 7,000 servings of Amatriciana raised nearly €50,000 for victims of last week’s earthquake in central Italy (image via the popular Italian food blog… 299 more words

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Riso (or Risotto) al Salto, a recipe

Over the weekend on social media, a lot of people asked about the photo above.

It’s a risotto al salto or riso al salto. Literally, it means a… 414 more words

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Tony Vallone, an American master and an American original

Above: I snapped this image of a seafood gazpacho a few weeks ago at Tony’s, where I meet with Tony Vallone and photograph his food nearly every week. 553 more words

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Suffer from Jewish Boy Stomach? Eat at Moruno in Los Angeles (and thanks to Sotto team and guests)

Every time Sotto brings me to Los Angeles to work on our wine list, general manager Christine Veys and I try to break away to check out one of the new restaurants on LA’s vibrant food scene. 548 more words

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Bitter herb and salty tears for Prince... wishing everyone a good Passover #hagsameach

The bitter herb and salted water will be especially acidic and savory this year.

Tracie P and I are both reeling from the news that Prince has left this world for a better one. 188 more words

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