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Modern vs. traditional pecorino: a cheese shop grows in Brooklyn at Pair

One of the more interesting conversations I had while in New York last week was with veteran cheese monger, Chung Park (above), who recently opened a new cheese bar on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn called Pair (no site but you can find details on… 312 more words

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Food, memory, and magic: calf's tongue with Marsala and porcini jus

It’s been more than three years now that I’ve worked with Houston restaurateur Tony Vallone (I’m the media director for his restaurant group).

Tony is one of the most extraordinary and intriguing culinary figures that I’ve ever known and I cherish our friendship immensely. 290 more words

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A very special guest for Thanksgiving 2014 (and possibly the best pairing ever)

It was a very special Thanksgiving for the Parzen family this year.

We celebrated the holiday in Tracie P’s hometown, Orange, Texas, on the Louisiana border, with all the traditional fixings. 537 more words

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Produttori del Barbaresco 2005 Asili & Tracie P's rag├╣ for brother Tad

It’s not every day that we get to visit with my older brother Tad, who still lives in the same neighborhood in La Jolla, CA where we grew up. 236 more words

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The All-Italian Bacon Cheeseburger: Italy's love affair with the hamburger

Today’s post is the first in a series devoted to my recent trip to Italy, the wines I tasted, foods I ate, and people I met. 749 more words

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The future of pizza at Simone Padoan's I Tigli & a cool wine bar in Soave

What a blast to get to eat at Simone Padoan’s cutting-edge pizzeria I Tigli in San Bonifacio in Soave township last night! That’s Simone (above, left) with Lisa Anselmi, who treated us to a wonderful dinner at this fantastic restaurant. 266 more words

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Dispensa Pani e Vini: an extraordinary meal, once again #Franciacorta

If pressed to reveal my favorite restaurant in the world, there would be many that could come close but none that could touch Vittorio Fusari’s… 187 more words

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