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Are DB pensions benefiting from CETV de-risking?

It’s a fair question for a blogger to ask. I don’t have the answer and suspect that you’d get a different reply depending on who you asked. 996 more words


"Of margins and men". Were the City and Carillion ever friends?

Of all that is being said about the collapse of Carillon, the comment that remains with me is something said by Robin Ellison, in his capacity as   … 1,064 more words


"Might young people do well from CDC?" - Con Keating's thinking on investments.

In a risk-obsessed world, Con Keating observes that it’s its absence of risk-management that could be CDC’s greatest boon to the young.

The new member joining a collective DC scheme is contributing marginally to a collective fund. 802 more words


What is CDC and does it matter?

Collective Defined Contribution Schemes (CDC) are back in the news. There are two reasons for this

  1. The Workplace and Pensions Committee have set up an enquiry into CDC…
  2. 1,246 more words

TATA GPP - an investable option for BSPS members with a CETV.

I’ve received the following note from Aviva with regards the TATA group personal pension which has replaced BSPS as the corporately sponsored pension arrangement going forward. 652 more words


Pension Advice; it's all about getting paid.

I have read and listened to a lot about professional integrity.  Having been an IFA and being now a fee-based consultant, I know that the first thought you go to bed with (and wake up with) is “how am I going to get paid?” 1,159 more words