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De-risking as involving adaptability versus predictability. That shift is necessary in complex, non-linear environment.

De-risking strategy found in pocket of comatose trustee

The Pension Plowman rifling through the pockets of a trustee lying in the gutter following an all night pension celebration , has found too documents, the first a copy of Corporate Adviser… 369 more words


Protecting against losses is not the same as generating a profit - guest blog from Ralph Frank

The Swiss National Bank’s (“SNB’s”) decision to abandon the currency ceiling of the Franc relative to the Euro has drawn attention to risk management and hedging. 399 more words


Crushed by falling bond yields - great guest blog by Ralph Frank

Mainstream assessments of the state of investment markets tend to focus on the equity market.  The level of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow and/or Nikkei is deemed to be an indicator of the health of savers’ investment portfolios and/or savings’ programmes.  567 more words


"An idealogical inexactitude" - A guest blog by Eamonn O'Connor

As the election season is in full swing, some reflections on the ideological conflict inherent in the pension changes in the air for 2015.

From April, we will see the abolition of compulsory annuity purchase and, with it, the introduction of a regime bringing individualism, flexibility and freedom of choice to a whole new level. 410 more words


What's this about selling your annuity?

Steve Webb’s latest idea that the Government will encourage the sale and purchase of life annuities is not as crazy as it sounds.

Indeed the practice is commonplace in the USA where many court awards are granted as an income for life to the victim. 1,097 more words


Going for the "no".

I spent yesterday lunchtime in the challenging company of Saul Djanogly , a Rabbi who looks after investment portfolios for those who can’t look after themselves- typically those who have been incapacitated through personal tragedy and find themselves in the hands of others. 599 more words