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Cool stuff I ate, drank, and saw in New York City

The two most useful things I’ve learned over my lifetime are how to type and how to navigate the New York City subway.

I lived in the city from 1997 until 2008 and when I go back now, eight years later, it’s kinda like going home home except I sleep in a hotel and someone makes my bed for me every day. 614 more words

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Cool people at Vino 2016 Italian Wine Week in NYC

How an enlightened Marxist like me made it into Vino 2016, the Italian Trade Commission’s Italian Wine week in NYC, will always remain a conundrum. 582 more words

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Giacomo Tachis, 82, giant of Italian wine and creator of Sassicaia, has died

Today, the Italian wine world mourns the loss of Giacomo Tachis, a winemaker who had a hand in creating some of Italy’s most iconic wines and who is widely credited as one of the chief architects of the Italian wine renaissance. 284 more words

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Back when we was fab: 10 years since my top-ten college radio record

Above: performing with my band Nous Non Plus in Germany in 2008. That was what I looked like when I met Tracie B now P. 361 more words

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Best breakfast in Verona (a recommendation)

Remember the Super Tramp song, “Breakfast in America”?

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear?
They got to have ’em in Texas…
340 more words

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Best Valpolicella I tasted last week (please leave your [x]enophobia at the door)

Above: dried Corvinone grapes that were to become Recioto at La Dama.

It’s sad but true: one of my most lasting memories of my recent visit to Valpolicella with a group of wine writers is a sour one. 990 more words

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Slow Wine, thank you for coming to Texas!

Above: three restaurant professionals who attended the Slow Wine Guide 2016 tasting yesterday in downtown Austin. It was the first time that the tour had come to Texas. 368 more words

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