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The best little wine bar in Las Vegas: thank you Ferraro's! And wow, Vegas wine peeps, you are some of the coolest around (for real)

Above, from left: Las Vegas sommeliers Elise Vandenberg (Milos), Kat Thomas (Hakkasan), Jeffrey Bencus (Lago), and wine blogger and collector Vashti Roebuck, who all came out to taste Franciacorta with me on Monday at Ferraro’s. 485 more words

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And they called me prof. (again): Master's Degree in Wine Culture at Pollenzo

Click here to check out my new blog at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo and learn more about the master’s programs in Wine Culture (where I begin teaching next month) and Food Culture and Communications. 572 more words

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Cristina Ziliani, thank you for coming to Houston!

It was SO MUCH FUN for me to host Franciacorta producer Cristina Ziliani last Friday in Houston.

That’s her (left) with my friend and client Tony Vallone (right) and Tony’s general manager, Annie Balest, also a good friend of mine. 267 more words

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Edi Kante, the once and future king of Carso Karst wines, a groovy Amarone in Texas, and miscellanea...

Taste Franciacorta with me in Las Vegas, Monday October 17, 1-3 p.m. Click here for details. Hope to see you there!

What a stunning flight of wines from Edi Kante poured for me the other night by Kante’s Italian sales rep Edi Tapacino here in Houston! 356 more words

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Dario Fo, uncompromising theatrical great, dies at 90 (or "mom's pot is always best")

It felt like a brick hit me in the gut this morning when I learned that Dario Fo, theatrical genius and one of the all-time greats of political and social activism, has died at age 90. 357 more words

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Our conscience, ourselves... Donald Trump mustn't be allowed to drive our country to moral ruin

Above: yesterday, our daughters, Lila Jane age 3 and Georgia age 4, were enchanted by their visit to the Japanese Gardens at Hermann Memorial Park in Houston where we have lived for two and a half years now. 661 more words

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