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Phylloxera of our times? New outbreaks of Pierce's Disease in Puglia and Corsica

Above: desiccated and dying, olive trees affected by Pierce’s Disease in Salento, Puglia. The photo was taken by Davide de Lentinis, a young man from Salento who has called the crisis and the Italian government’s inaction “a crime against humanity.” … 243 more words

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Sant'Antimo timeless beauty off the grid

The power is out today in Montalcino after a thunderstorm that dropped rain on the township all morning long. I took advantage of the outage to play hookie from my computer (where I should have been typing away) and I visited the beautiful romanic (yes, “romanic” not romantic, mr. 112 more words

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Laying hearts and wines on the line: thank you, Franciacorta

That’s Lake Iseo as seen from atop Belvedere to the west.

We visited there yesterday to see what most believe is the highest vineyard in the Franciacorta appellation, where classic method sparkling wines are made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc. 143 more words

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Pinot and fig porn and still some grapes in dem der hills

When I finally reached Franciacorta on Sunday morning, I was disappointed to discover that I had missed the grape photo ops that I had so longed for. 226 more words

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Still some fruit to harvest in Franciacorta and a wild beast on the loose

During my first full day in Franciacorta today, I spoke to a handful of growers who made a point of pointing out that harvest isn’t over quite yet. 281 more words

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Should winemakers order their own wines when they go out to dinner?

Above: “Tuscan producers who order their own wines at restaurants never drink them at home,” notes celebrity sommelier Andrea Gori. Is it good or poor form for winemakers to order their own wines when they go out to eat? 314 more words

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