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Future Vinitaly and Vini Veri attendees (how sweet it is to be home)

My goodness, what a wonderful feeling to be reunited with Tracie and the girls again!

I’m so lucky to have so many great friends in Italy who take marvelous care of me when I’m there (Giovanni, thanks again, man. 101 more words

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Goodbye Vinitaly, goodbye Italy

If you read my blog, you probably also read Alfonso’s.

But in case you missed it, his f*&%-you letter to the Vinitaly management was a much-talked-about post during the last day of the fair, which ended yesterday in Verona. 334 more words

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Brescia beef HOLY COW, Franciacorta vs. Champagne, IPOB preview & I'm still standing #Vinitaly

Just to had to share these images of steaks that Giovanni picked up at his local butcher in Brescia yesterday for our supper.

Arianna grilled them to perfection. 252 more words

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'Cue Franciacorta Crawl TODAY (Mon. March 23, 1:30)

I’ll be in Verona today, tasting wine — mostly Franciacorta — at Vinitaly, the annual Italian wine trade fair.

So why is there a photo of my cousin Ben Rosenberg holding a bunch of smoked meats wrapped in butcher paper above? 230 more words

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Being there: a super fun day at Vini Veri in Cerea

Please don’t forget: everyone is welcome to join me Monday, March 23, at 1:30 p.m. at the Franciacorta Consortium Stand at Vinitaly (PalaExpo B/C16) for a “Franciacorta Crawl.” 178 more words

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boiling grape must: making a pied de cuve

Just had to share this short video from the other night: the beginnings of a pied de cuve (literally, the “tank base”), a fermentation starter that will be used to provoke fermentation in the production of a classic method wine (in this case, Franciacorta, of course). 14 more words

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Asparagus gone wild

When it rains it pours.

I’ve only been in Italy for a few days but I already have so much to tell. And the frenetic, chaotic windup to the fairs has already begun. 168 more words

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