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Those Poor Poor Toys

So, Chase has decided to make it a game – how fast he can get into the stuffing of a toy.

Chase 1 — Giraffe 0… 6 more words


Teen Football Players Cited For Killing Animals

CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP — Five teen football players in Columbia County have been cited for killing animals.

The teens posted a picture of themselves holding baseball bats and… 317 more words


Nature Can Be Nasty

I often write about the animals on my bike commute. Bald eagles and snapping turtles get the most “ink.” May is prime time for eagles. June is when the snapping turtles lay their eggs. 236 more words


Chipmunks, flapping

Friends: don’t you just hate when you finally pour yourself a glass of wine after a long day, sit down for a nice sip and then boom –  558 more words


The Flying Monkeys

Yesterday Eldest Daughter and I went up to Lancaster to do a bit of shopping, and just generally hex around. Even after having lived this close to Amish Country since I was ten, and shopping in and around Lancaster since the late 60s, I still feel as if I’ve stepped into the Wild West when I spot a hitching rail and water trough along the edge of a shopping center. 122 more words

Junkin and Stinky Van

Today, Holly and I did what we have been wanting to do for about 6 months…we went junkin.  We drove out to Spring Hill to get an antique/primitive mantel for her house.   144 more words


A change other than the seasons...

I showed up here after I lost my job the first time around.

But that turned out to be only temporary, and I got it back first by half time, and then full – happily telecommuting all the while – and things started moving forward and building up steam and for the last few months I was preparing to uproot my (our) life all over again to return to the city we call home though neither of us was born there, and we’d literally just gotten around to… 726 more words