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God save the queen

We did the spring inspection before picking up our new girls today. I knew they were active, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they were doing. 180 more words


The end of a hard winter. 

I  spent yesterday afternoon burning my bee hives. That’s not a sentence a beekeeper would ever want to say. It’s not something I have ever had to do in my previous 10+ years of beekeeping. 619 more words


Never ending tribulations of beekeeping

This is a pricey hobby. $3,152.63 has been spent on beekeeping supplies since 2014, and we’ve only made about $220 selling honey.

The summer of 2016 began with 4 strong hives. 174 more words


Defecation Flights and Winter Carnage

They tell me this is normal but wow, that’s a lot of dead bees in front of the hive.  Apparently all of the drones get kicked out…as useless resource consumers in the winter! 81 more words

Over Wintering

Brood in Front of the Hive?!?

I’m continuing with the series of questions which I overheard at a bee meeting a few days ago. Today, it’s dead brood.

Here are those questions: 876 more words


2.6 million dead bees delivered to EPA headquarters in protest.

“In the five years since I started keeping bees, I’ve seen many hives killed by pesticides,” said James Cook, a Minnesota-based beekeeper who has been driving the truck across the country since last Monday. 321 more words


Dead bee, in the middle of the 'shield...

A few days ago, I had a road trip that took me two hours from my home in Calgary. Flying low at 130 kph, I expected to whack a lot of bees on the forehead of my van, but I only clipped two on the way, then another two on the way home. 875 more words

Culture, Or Lack Thereof