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Your Dead Bees are in the Mail

Well, this is pretty sad. Canada Post killed some bees. Queen bees are in short supply in Canada. Because of our late springs and short seasons, most queen bees are imported from warmer climates – Hawaii, New Zealand, and Chile are prime sources. 321 more words


What's happening to my bees?

It was happening again. Hundreds of tiny dead bee bodies littered my shared courtyard once more.

I had been watching the blossoms from the overhanging gum slowly appear and open. 320 more words


Preparing Beeswax from the Hive (or the valiant effort anyway)

There wasn’t any honey to take because my bees died of starvation by all appearances.  But the seventeen frames of wax ought to come in handy for salves, lotions, and candles if I could get them melted down.  331 more words