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Day Twenty Three: Renewal

Big news today! My girlfriend has decided to relocate from Arizona to live with me in Kentucky. Our initial plan was wait another year or so, flying back and forth for visits until she moved here in 2018. 686 more words

Chubbie Fresh, for the first time

I spent a lot of time alone at the Canterbury playground. Especially, early in my 8th grade year. I was waiting for anyone to come walking home from Heights High. 660 more words


Gnarly! Radical! Totally Tubular Dude!: James Unsworth's 'N.S.F.L.'

In an interview with Amelia Abraham in VICE on his amusingly upsetting zine Ninja Turtle Sex Museum, London-based artist James Unsworth explained, “The grotesque usually combines horror and humor that don’t necessarily go together, and so you don’t really know how to process it. 1,339 more words


S.O.D. for 6/26/16: Sonic Reducer by Dead Boys (1977)

Don’t need anyone, don’t need no Mom and Dad / Don’t need no pretty face, don’t need no human race / I got some news for you, don’t even need you too – … 232 more words

Song Of The Day

Classic Rock Almanac June 3, 2016


Today’s Question: Mott the Hoople, Hunter-Ronson and solo singer Ian Hunter celebrates his 77th birthday today.

In 1974, Hunter became one of the first rock musicians to release an autobiographical book, which was centered on life on the road with Mott the Hoople. 635 more words


Musical Genres Are the Stupidest Thing Ever: Punk Rock Part 1

In 2016, telling someone you listen to punk or punk rock is pretty much about as vague as saying you listen to rock.  Punk has been around now for 40 years… or is it 50 years… or 60?   3,075 more words

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