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Musical Genres Are the Stupidest Thing Ever: Punk Rock Part 1

In 2016, telling someone you listen to punk or punk rock is pretty much about as vague as saying you listen to rock.  Punk has been around now for 40 years… or is it 50 years… or 60?   2,965 more words

Miscelaneous Articles

Zine of the week - riot 77

Riot 77 fanzine

po box 11342

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I love reading Riot 77.  Cian does a really great job with his interviews. They are always good conversations with insightful questions. 128 more words


Toying with Social Media: The Misadventures

Here we go, the first post of 2016. Hope you enjoy it.

Social Media: In this day and age, it is can be a powerful tool for not only communication, but unifying people for common causes whether if it is charity or politics. 534 more words

Opinion Pieces

The Guitar That Dripped Blood - Brian James (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Being a small backwater music site it isn’t often that we get to deal with bonafide rock ‘n’ roll icons, so when Brian James latest release turned up in the “to do” pile I was pretty excited about it. 203 more words


Inspirational Tunes for You, Fellow BAMF

It’s 6:00 AM, your alarm is screaming at you because it doesn’t realize you were up until 2:30 AM dealing with your latest round of self-doubt and anxiety. 453 more words

Random Musings

Cheetah Chrome and The Casualties

Newly posted video of Cheetah Chrome and his post-Dead Boys band. Right up my alley. I wanna see more, and maybe the release of some archival audio. 8 more words