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Punk Inspiration, Angelic Exaltation

A combination of having time and exercising earlier inspired me to put some recent memories and thoughts into rhyming lines, and watching a Dead Boys concert from CBGB’s in 1977 (as they’re playing the… 127 more words


Dead Boys - Young Loud and Snotty (1977)

Before I started this project, if you asked me to visualize what “punk rock” was, I would probably imagine something like this album. A bunch of drunk ass hooligans belting out riffs and screaming, lol. 471 more words


Upcoming Release: "The Best of Michael Monroe" to be Released via Spinefarm Records on June 30th!

In the leather-bound history of heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll, not only will Michael Monroe have at least one chapter all to himself. But his name will be colourfully threaded throughout, such has been his impact, his appeal, and his ongoing never-surrender story; a powerful, inspirational tale told in detail on  567 more words