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Kashmir: Ramdan, Dead Cell Phones and Deader Cars

Good morning everyone,

I had a plan for Kashmir and it was a perfect plan.  7 days all together, with 4 full days in Srinagar.  Mosques, temples, gurdwaras, tons of Kashmiri food, Anantnag, hiking, historic forts and palaces and gardens.   1,948 more words


What A Week

Unlike Garfield, I don’t hate Monday. No, I hate Sunday. In a small town, Sunday means there really isn’t that much going on. And, when there’s nothing to do, the brain gets to thinking. 920 more words

When God gives you lemons

There is an old saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I think that this is an important and valid saying, but lets take a step further, and think when God gives you lemons, what is his purpose in it? 508 more words


Menu fail

Girls camp strikes again. Because we live so far into the sticks we really cannot prepare for camp without driving into the city. So today we finally got out of town about 3:00 pm to drive the two hours into civilization to get the shopping done. 163 more words


Our car died yesterday. The Curmudgeonly Lion went out the door to work and the engine wouldn’t fire up and it was the beginning of a bad day for him. 505 more words

Life In California

New Life Sunday..."What does the van say?"

A few days ago, our van died. I guess it may be more accurate to say that it went to sleep. This is like in the Bible when Jesus came to see Lazarus and he told all the friends and family that Lazarus was not dead, he was just asleep…kind of…except with the van there was no miracle necessary, just a nice guy who knows a few things about fixing vehicles. 321 more words

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