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Remember Saturday Running Commentary?

You thought it would never return, didn’t you?  I confess to some doubts myself.  However, this morning I got out of bed, into running clothes and was on the road before 6 a.m. 750 more words


Dead End

Dasch had been devising a way to kill Mr. Benedict for weeks; what made it so difficult was that a perfect murder would look innocent. The mob wouldn’t look into the accidental death of one of their own even if it was Orson Benedict, one of the “Three Kings” of Bentam Harbor. 101 more words

never mind the one less traveled

all roads are dead ends

designed to lead us where

someone else

thinks we should go

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Can we talk about tidying up dead ends?

I’m thinking of a dead end like this: something begun with good intentions but now over. Like …


Dead End

Take it all in, the
cracked bricks and broken bottles –
make a poem of it. 6 more words


PAD Day 30 - Dead End - Dead Ends and Roads, and Endings?

Well, it’s here.  Yesterday was the last day of the Writer’s Digest Poem a Day challenge.  How will I ever survive without a poetry prompt every day? 779 more words


PAD 30: Dead End

Today is the last day of the poem a day challenge for April 2016. What a month it’s been! The prompt today is to write a dead end poem. 98 more words