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Feeling not at ease with something…


A great rock you’re pushing,…it moves..or you’re not pushing hard enough..

I give up/I’ll try later/I’ll take a break/I’ll take a short break/I’ll keep going……….. 66 more words

The Ni Fi

the dead end

October 2014

We broke up a few months back and although I’m pretty upset I know that for one journey to begin, I need the other to end. 891 more words


Giving up

It has taken me a long time to write this, but I believe that I finally understand enough and am finally able to write it. 744 more words

I am Waiting

I am Waiting.I have always believed that one day he would come, he would just bump into me and the sparks would fly, time would stop, and the world would only revolve around us. 60 more words


What a journey we’ve been on.

For the last few months we have been delving deeply into the nature of manhood – its origins, historical imperatives, and standing in the modern world.

118 more words

Dreaming of Dead Ends

Sometimes I put myself under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed. It’s a good trait to have, but the stale sense of doom that whips it into motion can be oppressive. 284 more words



⊗Did you know that even dead-ends lead to somewhere?

⊗ My home has been on a dead-end road everywhere I have lived.

⊗ There can be life at the end of a dead-end. 377 more words