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Be Your Own Dream Girl!

My stomach’s fulla barbeque chips n melon n coconut milk, and I’m tring to b my own dream girl.


A Dead End — Orlando Espinosa

Hitting a dead end, allows you to rethink and ponder where you went wrong and how you can remedy the situation! A dead end is a great place to turn around!

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Cowboys All Outta their MINDS AND Bodies

My body is not right. I feel almost sick, but I’m not sure what from. Not right. I think it’s not right? Is it not right? 52 more words


How to LET GO

oh lonely lonely kids

How does one survive alone?

I, out of everybody, should know, but I forgot.

How do I let go letgoletgoletgo.


Cul de sac: A street closed at one end

Eyes like leaves in fall

Trying to explore he hit a wall

They were too dark, they were black,

They were also culs de sac… 81 more words

The girl am interested in..Confession#9

The last long talk we had was like a very long one. It did involve some kind of confessions, regarding WE LIKING EACH OTHER. This talk happened on the night of 30th April, but I am putting this post here just today. 511 more words

there’s nothing wrong with wasting time.