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Let's Get Outta Here

Cameron comes over for my birthday dinner but after my sister argues with my parents, our plans are cancelled. Embarrassed, I tell her the news but she assures me it’s alright and we go on a walk instead. 1,067 more words


When you feel lost and without hope

Know that what you think is a failure or dead end is actually a great opportunity but you are clouding your vision from seeing it by your negative thoughts. 36 more words

How To Allow


Catching up to your parents or to someone’s expectations is fun when you can do it and a terrible nightmare when you can’t fullfill their wants. 118 more words


Danger Ahead!

I know there is a trench right in front of me, waiting for me. It’s waiting for me to fall into it. There is a definite end to this road. 157 more words


Against A Wall

It’s a grey, damp day, and cold. It doesn’t feel like Spring when the wind whips icy rain against the window and when on the tops of the hills it falls as snow, lower down as sleet. 152 more words


Signs and Wonderings

My ‘train of thought’ began on Monday when the snow started melting in earnest and a street sign fell into the street – a “DEAD END STREET” sign – in front of my office window.  505 more words


So you're going to suffer but you're going to be happy about it

Never have truer words come out of my mouth than “I’m happy I’ve got work, but I don’t want to actually do the work”. It’s the eternal struggle of getting money once a month but not being happy the other 29 days (give or take). 632 more words