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Dead End - Chapter 2: Rude Awakening

What the hell was that?

I wake with a start to a very familiar sound, and yet it’s completely out of place. Am I still asleep? 1,484 more words



Hands reached out with broken nails and bloodied fingers. Swiping blindly through the shattered windows they searched for their next victims.

Moans of the dead filled the air as she screamed, “Open the door, open the door!!” 60 more words

Sinister Countdown


We wish we could relive summertime

But life don’t come with a button to rewind

No more sandboxes and trees to climb

These days we don’t get a break from the grind… 74 more words


Review of Dead End Finland - “Slaves To The Greed” by War Metal Sweden Zine

The bands approach is a mix of everything both vocally and music wise. Even a non metalhead would love this band. A easy listend album you just want to headbang to. 451 more words

Melodic Metal

Dead End - Chapter 1: Night Games

I’m not entirely sure why I always do this to myself. To say I’m absolutely bloody knackered is an understatement. What time is it? What does it matter? 1,871 more words


My Dead End Street

I’m hung up on her, and she’s hung up on him, and he’s hung up on anyone who will let him in, he knows the feelings inside you, he’s got the power of trance, he can subversively extract your love, under any circumstance, he can make you feel just like  queen, or like a woman that walks the street, he’s just one of the many that you’ll meet, on my dead end street. 410 more words



Life leads us to culs-de-sac many a times. There we stand and stare, regretting and repenting, every move and turn we took. Little do we know that these dead ends are the final full-stops of the current chapter. 133 more words

Getting Over, Love, Strength, Life