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The effectiveness of visual kei

Sometimes appealing to an audience through visual stimuli is just as important as the music itself. In my ideal world music would only be assessed, enjoyed and critiqued based on the quality of just that, the music. 460 more words

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Another Dead End

And just like that it ended before it started,

the time has come for us to be parted.

We were on a journey without any set destination, 182 more words


Dead End (2003)

Director: Jean-Baptiste Andrea.
Starring: Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Alexandar Holden, Mick Cain, Billy Asher, Amber Smith. France. 1h 25m.

Directorial debut from the aspired French madman Jean-Baptiste Andrea, and sparingly turns out to be an intelligent creepy family horror. 536 more words

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Mountain River Dead-end

Recently my wife and I went for a hike trying to scout out a place to fish next season. We had heard about one place that we had been near for hiking and decided to drive up as the weather was good that day. 197 more words

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Το Κυπριακό, με σταθμό το «Μον Πελεράν», σε πορεία χωρίς διέξοδο!


Του Κωνσταντίνου Λουκόπουλου

Με το πέρας των συνομιλιών που έγιναν στο ελβετικό Μον Πελεράν όλη την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα για το «εδαφικό» και τα συνδεόμενα με αυτό θέματα, ο εκπρόσωπος του Ειδικού Απεσταλμένου του ΓΓ/ΟΗΕ για το Κυπριακό κ. Έσπεν Μπαρθ Άιντε εξέδωσε ένα λιτό ανακοινωθέν που γεννάει αναπόφευκτα πολλά ερωτήματα.


I know the way...

“I know the way!” the chubby, pink cheeked child said to me indignantly. Pulling his little hand from mine, he stomped ahead, making his way across the grounds of the school toward the large, metal, maroon-painted door leading to the kindergarten classes. 684 more words

Living In Christ

Dead End - Chapter 3: The Dark Night

Catch up with all previous chapters by clicking the appropriate link: Chapter 1: Night GamesChapter 2: Rude Awakening

Up and over this fence and I’m into somebody’s back garden. 2,695 more words