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Amateur Diagnosis Day: Is there a reason Kirby can't learn?

Hold on to your hats, folks. If you were wondering if we would drag out the dead horse trope again, we have decided to work a new angle at the local desk. 460 more words

Beating a Dead Horse #9 - God is Still "Almighty"

Lately, my friend Fre3d Capra has been spending a lot of time in our barn with my dead horse Petition. Despite the snows of the Blizzard of 2016, he has come daily to visit his dear smelly friend. 769 more words

Dead Horse

The Revenant: Where Leonard DiCaprio Sleeps Inside a Dead Horse

Hiya everyone! This is Minnie the Shoujo Nut reporting in! Yesterday, I went to watch “the Revenant” with my date. I know. Not the best movie to go on a date to but after watching it and letting it sink in, I might as well write a short and quick review on it. 313 more words

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“The Revenant” Review: "All the stars in the sky, Someone will pay for the way you lied"

For what purpose do you live?  What gives the breaths you breathe and the days you face importance?  What would power you through pain, through hunger and cold, through danger and desperation?  2,054 more words


An Arctic Midday Sun

In wintertime in the Arctic Circle, the sun never makes it above the horizon.  For about 2-3 hours – depending on cloud coverage – you do get these gorgeous sunrise/sunsets.   297 more words

Camera Talk

Loose screws

When I awoke this morning, I glanced at the sports page and discovered I am still mathematically alive.

I went to have my blood drawn. The artist on duty suggested water colors because she likes the way they bleed. 604 more words


MSRcast 173: 10 Year Anniversary

Welcome to the monstrous 10 Year Anniversary episode of the MSRcast podcast! We can’t believe we have been doing it for a decade, yet here it is! 235 more words