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All the dead horses fit to be beaten were trotted out after the long council break

This meeting started with all the regular malarkey. There was a grand opening event in the first public comment section. Thanks be to Yokel reader and frequent public commenter Patrick Schempp. 886 more words

Republic - group exhibition continues at Olivier Cornet Gallery until 31 August

It was a crowded opening of the exhibition at Olivier Cornet Gallery in July with a thought provoking speech by Eamon Ryan as the assembled considered the links between the artworks, the local context and the historical links and contemporary implications of the 1916 Rising. 137 more words

Claire Halpin

Horses dying in plain sight

One horse lay dead, while two others are dying of neglect, after the Los Angeles County of Animal Care and Control (“LAAS”) returned them to their owners only 3 days after being confiscated.  335 more words

Animal Cruelty

Emergency Hymnal Rescue - Reconnaissance

After this blog’s report concerning the daring rescue of a large number of Adoremus Hymnals from the vestibule of St. Peter’s, a very observant reader advised us that there were several more hymnals being held hostage in a box near the organ and piano. 340 more words

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The Curious Case of Lector Training - New Data

If you recall, in the last paragraph of the post The Curious Case of Lector Training – A Fre3d Capra Mystery my dead horse Petition cautioned Fre3d Capra concerning whether the LTP lector training materials were actually questionable: 338 more words

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On The Wrong Side Of Yet Another Issue...

It seems that the GOP is on the wrong side of yet another issue important to U.S. voters. 85% of us want congress to act to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. 523 more words


Emergency Hymnal Rescue

Despite the sign that innocently stated “Free to a good home”, there was an element of danger in this daring, daytime rescue.

There they were – 21 innocent Adoremus Hymnals. 445 more words

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