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Dead Horse #4 - More Barbarians

I knew my post Dead Horse #3 – Barbarians would elicit a response from one or more of my children. Sure enough, bright and early this morning, my daughter emailed my wife and noted that Dad must have been mad when he wrote that post. 425 more words

Sheep In Exile

Dead Horse #3 - Barbarians

Second Sunday Social: While at a Knights of Columbus meeting, our Pastor brought up a perceived need for periodically having some type of “social” after Mass. 583 more words

Dead Horse

Dead Horse (Part 1 of 3)

When I lost a reader, I dwelled upon the reason(s) they quit following me or what they said as a parting shot.

I did a self assessment. 159 more words

Dead Horse #2

It is important to note that, when my wife and I say that we are beating a dead horse, we are referring to the expectation of fulfillment of the requests made in the Petition signed by a third of the families in St. 580 more words


Dead Horse #1 - Correction

To the readers of the Sheep of Kephas, please excuse this momentary departure from our normal serious approach to writing.

It is unfortunate that this blog does not have a full time editing staff, or any editing staff at all. 262 more words


Dead Horse #1

In Petition Update #8 and Final, we said that we will continue to speak about the minimalism that has infected St. Peter’s, but no longer in the context of the Petition. 576 more words


Not Quite Dead

I am not one to beat a dead horse as I prefer to talk about topics that are fresh. One such topics is the Gruber scandal. 230 more words