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Sly & The Family Drone & Dead Neanderthals – Molar Wrench

Hominid Sounds – 30th May 2017

Christopher Nosnibor

Matt Cargill’s project still has one of the best names around: it’s not only an example of punning genius, but also one of those band names which sets expectations as to what you’re going to get musically. 463 more words


Dead Neanderthals - The Bell

Holland’s Dead Neanderthals uphold the wonderful tradition of Skronk Noise Rock, and uphold it very well. This is from a split EP with Sly & the Family Drone, and is from 2016.

Noise Rock

Molar Wrench reviews

“You may feel the need to stock up with antibiotics and painkillers before giving this unearthly evil crew a listen…”
A Jazz Noise

“these two crews lock together like the pieces of a dank Lego sculpture” 20 more words

Dead Neanderthals

Molar Wrench is OUT NOW!

Molar Wrench is the collaborative album of Sly & The Family Drone, Colin Webster and us. Psychedelic noise rock for the masses! And… damn, that cover art by… 35 more words

Dead Neanderthals

Sly & The Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals: Molar Wrench

Hominid Sounds vinyl and download

This text was prepared originally as part of the press release for the launch of Molar Wrench.

Serendipity does exist. Let me tell you why. 683 more words

Dead Neanderthals - Worship The Sun

Dead Neanderthals

“Worship The Sun”

A busy year for the duo known as Dead Neanderthals, Worship The Sun is more of a look back at classic “free jazz”. 58 more words


Dead Neanderthals - Endless Voids

Dead Neanderthals

“Endless Voids”

For some reason the description I always come up with for this album is: “Acoustic Sunn O))).” The LP is over 81 minutes of soundscapes that build very slowly and then drone on in suspense. 17 more words