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Heavy Natural releases heavy punk noise

noisepunk duo Heavy Natural (with René Aquarius from Dead Neanderthals,Cryptae) released a self titled album. But watch out, the thing is so agressive that it comes alive, jumps out of your speakers and tries to eat your ears of. 32 more words
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Sly & the Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals / Mai Mai Mai Split

The splits that come from God Unknown Records are always remarkable. A great overwhelming track from Sly & the Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals. Together they seem to succeed in something even more intense. 60 more words
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News round-up: Blanck Mass, DNMF, and Jute Gyte

An electronic artist blasting an EP of “anti-macho” pop songs with overt punk hardcore overtones, the return of DNMF, and four hours of ambient by microtonal black metal pioneer Jute Gyte. 450 more words


News round-up: Dead Neanderthals, Leviathan, and Wound Man

We’ve got news on an ambient / drone piece by a free-jazz based band, a black metal compilation and a couple of powerviolence tunes.

Dead Neanderthals stream «Life» 452 more words


Experimental musicians Dead Neanderthals

The Dutch experimental duo Dead Neanderthals deals in noise, minimal, drone and other obscure genres. Frequently releasing great music (the one more sinister than the other) we now get aother track. 53 more words
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LIFE reviews

“Eigenlijk was het ondergaan van die dark ambient-trip heel aangenaam, al voelt het alsof je gehersenspoeld bent”

“Een nauwelijks te bevatten monumentaal werk”
De Subjectivisten… 75 more words

Dead Neanderthals

Organ Donor reviews

“This track, for me, exemplifies the fundamental mix that makes Dead Neanderthals work so well”
The Free Jazz Collective

“they’re getting better and better at this” 32 more words

Dead Neanderthals