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Paul Ryan Tries To Pass Blame On Trump For New Health Care Plan Criticism

One thing the media is NOT lying about is that the Republican alternative to Obamacare is a bad bill. As Rand Paul puts it, it’s “Obamacare lite.” 299 more words


Lindsey Graham And John McCain Run To CNN To Attack Trump Administration After Congressional Speech

If it isn’t obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are completely anti-Trump. In fact, if the networks put a D next to their names it would be more appropriate. 74 more words



We disagreed about this First-Contact, middle-brow, sci-fi melodrama: One of us found it dead on arrival; the other one cheered its humanity. What we agreed on was its craftsmanship, as Denis Villeneuve is a capable filmmaker who uses a mixture of shots, especially aerials, and who has a good ear for sound design and score, so as to create a particular mood. 167 more words

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Dead on Arrival: Pet Shop of Horrors

Just picture it: a manga, beautiful in its story craft, dashed after a few short episodes on the big screen. I think every Otaku has that one comic they adored and were sad to see canceled after a short run on an anime circuit. 627 more words



Retiring from basketball was not voluntary. I had been playing “pick-up” ball for about 15 years, and it was the highlight of my week. Every day was geared to those three hours a bunch of guys would bang around every Saturday. 263 more words

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