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Ritual to honor a deceased parent

This uses something called “Hell” money. Chinese people use this fake money to show respect and honor to their deceased relatives. It is a way of keeping their memory alive. 524 more words



My daughter’s room is a shrine now,
scattered with fetishes,
photos of her friends,
like gurus she followed,
framed on the shelves
among dried garlands… 133 more words


Elegy at 5am

Oh, Dad. Your mother misses you. Your sister tells me so, tells me to “please talk about the Red Sox with her, like your father would.” And I did, though I can’t imagine it had your naïve, fangirl brio (I correctly pointed out Buchholz couldn’t be counted on to dominate every team like the Phillies, which the Yankees just proved me prophetic about in the 1st inning tonight). 1,381 more words

Life & Style

The Strange Case of Kotomi Ichinose: Genius Girl

You spot a cute purple-haired girl sitting in the corner of the library barefoot, reading a book…with scissors in her hand. Okay?

You decide to talk to her, thinking she may be ditching class just like you… 686 more words


After the detour...

Hello, blog. Long time no write.

I’m still here, I’m still alive, and I’ve been meaning to update for just over a year. So why haven’t I? 840 more words

Disney can't cure my sadness

When I find myself sad I generally find a  book to read or movie to watch to take my mind off of it.

Last night I picked… 182 more words

Book Review: Far From Xanadu by Julie Anne Peters

Who: Closeted teenage lesbian weightlifter/plumber/softballer Mike

What: While dealing with her dad’s death, her messed up family, and her “blossoming” sexuality, a new “big city” badgirl named Xanadu moves to town and rocks Mike’s world. 76 more words

Book Review