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a Different Dream

I’ve been dreaming about dead people the last few days. I could put it down to this weird “feeling off” that I had since Monday.  But I’m not sure if that is the issue. 1,098 more words


Linda Foster Cover Reveal

It’s been almost a year since the night of the accident that should have killed Grace. Nearly a year since her brother, Ash, sold his soul to save her. 345 more words


Creepy And Beautiful South Park Street Cemetery

Hey guys its SunRay again!

As you might know, I don’t publisize my videos on my website, but I will start doing that. xD

If you are a loyal subscriber of my channel, you might know I recently recorded a video called: “Exploring The South Park Street Cemetery” and that was a video I was and AM proud of. 313 more words


Things I've Learned From Some of My Favorite TV Shows

Lessons Learned from Scooby-Doo:

Don’t split up.

If you play video games too long, you’re going to turn into a zombie.

Werewolves are actually green. 112 more words

The Odd Bit

5-star (quick) review: Sabriel (Garth Nix)

I read this book about when it came out in 1996 and then almost all of the subsequent books (they have diminishing returns, spoiler), but Sabriel is and will always be one of the best YA books in terms of character development, complex and ORIGINAL world building (gotta love them bells), and one of the best sidekicks ever: Mogget, a magical creature bound by a bell around his neck, who wonderfully balances the line as hilariously sassy friend and guide as well as possibly a more powerful and malevolent force than her actual enemies. 170 more words


CBS2 Investigation Uncovers Votes Being Cast From Grave Year After Year

From CBSLA.com, by David Goldstein

LOS ANGELES — A comparison of records by David Goldstein, investigative reporter for CBS2/KCAL9, has revealed hundreds of so-called dead voters in Southern California, a vast majority of them in Los Angeles County. 694 more words


Dead could be brought 'back to life' in groundbreaking project 

3 May 2016 • 12:15pm

A groundbreaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people, has won approval from health watchdogs. 748 more words