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I See Dead People (But That's Not The Most Horrifying Part)

“Please, ask him if he’s doing alright,” the teary-eyed widow across from me said, her face splotchy from crying.

I looked beside her and gulped. The man beside her no longer cared for his wife, he had his attention focused on me. 1,760 more words

An open letter to the person whom I didn't know and who committed suicide

First off I wanna make sure that you know it’s isn’t one of those you had so much to live for and you didn’t have to do it posts. 907 more words

Life Experiences

Get Digital

So you are ready to start diving into genealogy, you’ve talked to the immediate family (or rather the ones you like) and you’ve read this boring blog. 456 more words

Dead People

The One We Got Wrong


To our credit, we weren’t alone. Almost no one (except for Scott Adams) got this right. And he was right because he said the election wasn’t about issues it was about fear. 75 more words

Comic Commentary

Customer [Dis]Service: Crossing Over

We’ve all been there, done that.  Called that 800 number, only to discover that the person on the other end of the line does not normally speak our language, but is trying really hard. 501 more words

That's Life

Digging Into Your Past

So you are curious about your family tree…

Genealogy is still a big word that you may look up later and the ancestry family tree websites or you want to do the DNA thing you’ve seen on TV … “taken in by the click bait” but it costs money… and I just missed their long weekend. 211 more words

I, Too, See Dead People

Dear friend,

Yesterday, I read a Facebook post: “When the veil finally drops, shit gets weird.” I couldn’t like it fast enough.

Earlier this evening, someone I love sent me the below podcast, and in light of this quote, I had to share it with you. 920 more words