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foot finding

I look for the bones of my grandfather with the soles of my feet. I do it by walking barefoot amongst the trees and sundry waiting to feel him there. 41 more words


I See Dead People's Stuff

We don’t have ghosts in our house – in fact, I WISH I just had ghosts in my house because I would have some open spaces in my basement! 453 more words


Liberty or Death: Which Part 100 God is not dead

Has God delivered you out of your Egypt? In the bible God often uses Egypt as a symbol. In the bible Egypt is often used symbolically to represent what sin does to a nation; it’s people for the far reaches into rebellion that is possible to be  achieved. 474 more words

Role Of Obedience

Jan Prashker

I dreamed I was lying on my back in an alley in Lower Queen Anne, and Jan Prashker walked over to me. She wore a combination of grey, white and red and looked healthy and happy. 68 more words

I See Dead People

Not that I superstitious, but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dreaming about people who are no longer with us.

The first dream was about my sister. 136 more words

Nope i don't respect this planet!

You collectively kill each other in the name of some bullshit or the other outcast people based on your own fears and insecurities based on experience with other people, like jews who kill Palestinians because they might be terrorists well i dont blame the other side for being terrorist! 1,069 more words