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I See Dead People

I really do see dead people around me daily… (Spiritually dead) it’s really a shame too because many refuse to surrender to Jesus Christ even though they claim they’re Christian. 84 more words

Jesus Christ

Watch out for the Rule makers

Watch out for the Rule makers

The rules of golf can be a minefield in which you need a lawyer.
When I was playing golf, I would always know who was going to be enjoyable company and who wasn’t. 1,213 more words

Dead People

New designs: Zombies.

Here are the latest designs for the “Dead People Don’t Say No” series:

These are JPs favourite designs from the series, although I think the skeletons are fucking awesome, so drop by next Saturday to see if you agree! 8 more words


Dead Folk Hanging Out.

Dead folk rule.

Yeah, you, you awesome motherfucker.

Dead folk have awesome style.

Dressing up or on holiday, they have it nailed.

Not only are they photogenic and well-dressed, they are also talented contortionists and acrobats. 76 more words


JB & The Chop Do: Amityville 3-D (1983)

In what will surely become a hotly contested and polarizing debate, today we present the abysmal Amityville 3D (sometimes tagged with “The Demon”). I thought this movies was going OK until we got to the last act when I almost croaked out of unbelief. 930 more words


I Was Given A Strange Gift At The End Of An Even Stranger Wedding Ceremony

I’ve recently come into possession of a strange object, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what to do with it. 2,051 more words