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Week 6: Blood and Ashes

featuring: late night drives, dead people, alternate lives

Kial is Finley’s best friend.  Kial is also dead.  This doesn’t bother Finley as much as his parents think it does, or as much as his friends think it should. 1,416 more words

Short Stories

I've never known a dead person

Death was only ever a concept to me, not a thing that happened. Sometimes I’d wish that people I knew growing up had died- not that I wish death upon people- but I feel like the idea of death wouldn’t fuck me up so much if I’d been exposed to it. 328 more words


But they make you sick?

Hey guys, how’ve you been doing? Nothing much but work was alright. Still feel weird and kinda sick — late hay fever?

There’s this girl at work who says I should get incense candles or sticks to help with the cold? 210 more words

The Fifth Fight

She visits you at night.

This is your room, your mattress on the floor from the bed you dismantled to ease your back pain. Your space in a house from the sixties. 451 more words


More Dead People

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

First of all, I was digging up a bunch of peanuts under the clothesline. Such a tiny plant, but there were… 176 more words

I don't see dead people

This is not a Halloween post. I don’t like Halloween. You must be ghoulish if you do. Finland doesn’t have Halloween. We got All Saint’s Day. 370 more words

Writing Challenges

Keeping Dead People Alive

Here are some dead people I know:

  • My Grandfather (William Day)
  • My Granddad (William Bennett)
  • My Nannan (Evelyn May Bennett)
  • My Grandma (Hilda Roberts)
  • My Grandfather’s second wife (I Day)
  • 48 more words