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Flash Fiction - The Visit

Leaves crunched under Becca’s feet as she walked toward the gazebo. She remembered to get flowers other than roses this time to spare her hands. A chill pierced through her pants as she sat on the curved, marble bench under the big oak tree and sighed. 851 more words


A Girl Hooked Up With A Dude After Meeting On Tinder... Turns Out He Might Fuck Dead People

Tinder is a legal sex app. You chat up the girl, maybe promise her a date or two then you fuck and never talk to her again. 493 more words


Hey Andrew Witty And Emma Walmsley? What Do You Have To Say To This Kid About Your Pandemrix Drug? Was Patient Safety The Number One Priority Or Was It Profits For GSK?

Swine flu jab made me see dead people’: Boy, 11, left with devastating sleeping sickness after jab


Tragic Sam Forbes needs around 15 naps a day and sees and smells dead people in his nightmares after having the NHS jab in the 2010 epidemic when he was four… 645 more words


They Don’t Know They’re Dead

They cling like mist, damp and chilly on my coat,
as I stand at the bus stop by the cemetery gates,
aware that it could be an uncomfortable wait. 223 more words


New book! The Vampire's Choice: A Paranormal Romance (Royal Blood Book 4)

We are so excited to introduce you to the final story in the Royal Blood series: The Vampire’s Choice. After introducing you to our vampire world in… 312 more words


Things I've Learned From Dead People - Four.

  • When a beloved matriarch or patriarch dies suddenly, the wake of disaster left behind is so far-reaching, that it is often visible from space.
  • Even during the (out-of-ordinary) rainy season, folks still have no tolerance for the slightest bit of mud on the headstone or marker belonging to a loved one.
  • 88 more words
Americana Injustica

Ahh. Early Spring In the Carolinas And My Street Smells Like Dead Bodies.

I hate winter. I know it’s necessary and all that but I have a serious allergy to being cold. The older I get the more I’m considering moving further south. 432 more words