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Five Things to Know about Visiting Dead Sea

Here are five things that might not be well described in tour guide books, yet you need to know them before going to Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth: 208 more words


january 15

dead sea salts

warm comfort of a spa

come and receive

Morning Ku

You Can Still See Sodom's Testimony

January 13

“…as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them
in a similar manner to these,
having given themselves over to sexual immorality
and gone after strange flesh, 143 more words

Dead Sea

RS010 - Dead Sea

I stood alone, upon the platform in vain
The puerto ricans they were playing me salsa in the rain
With open doors and manual locks…
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Robb's Song Of The Day


Our hands have wrought what our minds conceived,
got calluses with my rolled-up sleeves.
Tabula rasa with our new place,
gonna make house a home at post-haste. 297 more words


A bag of mud cost me $13: Israel, Day 8

And to be completely honest, I would have spent more than that.

We spent most of today at the Dead Sea, and I can say that it has been my favorite part of this entire trip. 426 more words


The castle at the bottom of a Turkish Lake

It has been thought by many that the breaching of the Bosphurus thousands of years near present day Istanbul may have given rise to the accounts of the legendary Great Flood not just with Noah in the Holy Bible but in various other ancient texts. 579 more words