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Dead Silence, (2007)

On the twenty-second day of Halloween, another fucked-up doll movie by James Wan gave to me: Dead Silence (James Wan, 2007)

So, I somehow accidentally ended up reviewing another James Wan film. 1,263 more words

31 Days Of Halloween

Dead Silence Review

Dead Silence is one of my all time favourite horror movies. It’s jumpy, with an interesting storyline and compelling characters. Really, there’s nothing more that you need from a horror movie. 421 more words


Jen's Spooky Soundtrack

October is here, and with it comes one of my favourite holidays, Halloween. I have always loved Halloween, because it brings together so many of my favourite things. 565 more words


Dead Silence

Dead Silence – 2007 – United States

A young couple mysteriously receives a puppet (named Billy) in the mail. That night, the husband (Jamie) returns home to find his wife dead with her tongue torn out. 351 more words

United States

Ouija 2 : Origin of Evil - Trailer 2

I think Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush) is quite a talented director.  That being said, I find the latest trailer from his upcoming Ouija 2: Origin of Evil in some ways a bit disturbing (and not in the good, creepy, what’s that shadow doing there kind of way). 167 more words


Dead Silence Review

Dead Silence is the second movie directed by James Wan, known for the Insidious and Conjuring series. I know that I’m a bit late to see this movie, I’ve even completed the entire Saw series but didn’t know that this movie existed. 194 more words


Midnight Trailer Treat: Dead Silence (2007)

My golden age of horror continues in this brand new Midnight Trailer Treat! Tonight I present the absolutely creepy 2007 release, DEAD SILENCE.

I remember seeing this the first weekend it came out; I got off of work early on Friday morning, picked up some popcorn, and sat my butt down in an empty theater. 152 more words