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WEIRDO'WEEN #09: Dead Silence [2007]

As most, if not all, of you know, I have an indefinite fear of clowns. They’re creepy, their makeup is just too much for me, and their laugh is just… 1,120 more words


Dead Silence (2007)

Dolls are creepy. The horror genre is opportunistic. The rest is history. Of course, individual moviegoers’ mileage may vary on that first point. Our particular fears & points of reference for creepiness can range as widely & specifically as our sexual fetishes & turn-ons, but I can at least speak for myself in saying that Dolls. 987 more words


Dead Silence: The sympathetic doll and the boy with good reflexes

I decided to start this blog with Dead Silence. A not so famous movie with a not so famous cast…Well to be clear, it’s not a perfect movie, but considering it was a sandbox for further productions of the same type, I had a little crush on it. 751 more words