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Little Shop of Horrors...Enter the Baby Doll Heads

One of my favorite things about thrift stores is how every store is different, every day.

I don’t get to travel much, but when I do make it out of town, I love visiting other thrift stores across the country and so last summer, I found myself sitting in a thrift store/antique shop in Indiana. 295 more words


Episode 178: Dead Silence

Yet another listener requested film this week and also the start of a very very small streak of special guests while Nick is off working on a super secret special project. 119 more words


Episode 177: The Big Green

We totally forgot that in this inspiring, action-packed story of a rag-tag team of young soccer players are some serious issues; including illegals and dead beat dads. 119 more words


Scream Dreams

She can’t sleep again, not since the accident. She walks into the living room and turns the TV on. As she sprawls out on the couch, she thinks she hears something yet ignores it. 324 more words


Happy Spooky Day !

Good Morning and Happy Halloween Bitchesss,

Funny cause I’ve always hated Halloween because I am a little pussy and everything scares me lol! But I have now learned to like something about every holiday I’ve noticed. 518 more words

Sely Talk

Halloween Movie Recs *James Wan*

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Now we come to probably my favorite category in the horror department, which is why I’m saving the best for last. 394 more words


Dead Silence (2007)

Plot: Jamie’s wife dies under mysterious circumstances and he vows to uncover what really happened. He uncovers a deadly curse which now threatens his own life. 199 more words