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Episode 20: Let Me Shave My Neck

The crew talk about James Wan’s 2007 doll based horror Dead Silence,the best kind of werewolf to be, the perils of being an HD-DVD living in a Blu-ray world, turning into a Frankenstein mermaid, how to make Jesus come/cum, and of course genre news and listener questions. 49 more words

Robin Goodfellow

10 Years: "Dead Silence"

Some horror films can age well. Others, less so, and then, surprisingly, some manage to do what should be impossible; they get worse. Whatever made them scary or not just can’t do it anymore. 1,721 more words


Playing (Script) Doctor: "Dead Silence"

Welcome to Playing (Script) Doctor, a new blog category where I try to revamp past disappointments in the film world to bring out their potential. This is a bit of an experiment; if people like this sort of thing, I’ll open it up for commissions (these take a lot of time to make). 3,775 more words


Celebrating 10 Years This Month - 'Dead Silence'

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
and if you see her in your dreams
Make sure you never ever scream… 676 more words


Dead Silence: Dead Boring

Title: Dead Silence

Release Date: March 16, 2007

Plot: After his wife’s mysterious death, and the delivery of an odd package, a man returns to his hometown to uncover the mystery behind it all. 625 more words


The movies of James Wan, part II – Dead Silence (2007)

*Skip the premise if you read my previous post*

Regarded by many as the best horror director working today, James Wan (27 February 1977) went on also screenwriting and producing many of his movie as well as various flicks connected to his works, such as the… 677 more words

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