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Simple Steps For Happy Healthy And Acne Free Skin

To help protect yourself, try eliminated a lip balm on your lips at all when you are outside in the sun’s rays. Lip balm will also help you protect your lips from harmful rays. 406 more words

Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is among the quintessential beauty techniques to achieve healthy flawless skin. The buildup of dead skin cells, along with excess oil and dirt cause the skin to appear thick and lackluster. 642 more words


Ancient Beauty Secret that are very useful Until Today

It is evident that beauty is important to every woman either young or old. Surprisingly women in the ancient times cared about beauty too. What could be more surprising are the methods they used to achieve for their beauty. 381 more words


Proper Makeup Removal

Ladies improve the quality of their skin using makeup but it is quite unfortunate that many of them do not understand proper makeup removal. The appropriate way of removing makeup is not supposed to involve rubbing raw face causing irritation, but It should rather involve gentle removal of any pore cosmetic traces for healthy skin maintenance. 273 more words


PCOS Dark Hair Follicles

I know that I haven’t got hair growth that’s as bad as some women with PCOS, but I do suffer with rapid, dark hair growth. 423 more words


Change Your Skincare Routine with Changing Seasons. Best Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Your skin is arguably your fastest growing and largest body organ. Therefore, you should give it special attention, care and time. In this light, many people are always willing to invest a wide range of skincare products to make sure that their dermis gets some of the best treatments as possible. 724 more words