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I'll Review Anything: Justice League Dark

Why was Constantine cancelled again? I’m asking this question because NBC produced such an awesome show in Constantine. Of course, I know the reason why. The show had really poor ratings despite being creepy and building a fantastic and well-realized world filled with magic and mysticism. 1,134 more words

I'll Review Anything

CM Podcast 91 - Justice League Dark Movie

Hi all and welcome back to Comics Misremembered Podcast.  Jon is sick so I am doing this podcast solo this week and I will be reviewing the… 199 more words


Review: Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Love concludes in twisting, turning Gothic fashion, and one of these twists is in this first page as it’s revealed that Adelia is the dark, malevolent spirit that has been haunting Glencourt. 801 more words


Justice League Darkest Just Before Dawn of Justice

Fret not.  This has nothing to do with Dawn of Justice.  I just like the title.

There’s some mystical nastiness happening all over the world, and the regular capes and tights crew in the Justice League are ill-equipped to deal with such an event.   1,119 more words


deadman photobook status update

Только что zoisite запостили в своем твиттере две ранее неопубликованные фотографии deadman. Они также написали, что не забыли про обещанный новый фотобук, просто фотографий слишком много, потому работа продвигается медленно. 61 more words


Seppin talks about Deadman

Seppin talks about the super cool ghost hero from the DC universe, Deadman!




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Justice League Dark Review

(Editor’s note: I’m going to try to avoid big spoilers here, but keep in mind that I am reviewing a film so I will have to talk about some plot points which may “Spoil” certain parts of the film. 728 more words