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deadman interview (music window nana@NAGOYA Vol.2)

Magazine: 音楽の窓「ナナ」 Vol.2 (October 2002)
Interview: M.MAKINO
Translation: Hotaru Filth
Comment: Интервью Мако, айе, Такамасы и Токи о формировании deadman, образах группы, туре Toumei Tribe, в рамках которого они выступали с Merry, Nightmare, D’espairsRay и Nookicky (в самом низу интервью я прикрепила расписание тура для лучшего понимания формата, так что лучше сразу гляньте на него, чтоб ориентироваться), планах на будущее и все такое прочее. 279 more words


Justice League: Dark

Today Comic Kingdom will see its very first movie review! When I created this site I had originally intended to primarily review graphic novels, but every once in awhile its good to mix things up. 349 more words

The Undertaker's Last Ride

There is something about fantasy heroes that connects with people, especially when we grow up revering them. I have started watching WWE in and around the Attitude Era and at that age it was the skill, power and intensity of the wrestling on display that excited me. 673 more words


Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love

I’m not sure what I expected when I picked this up. Somehow, not a romance, which…. *looks at title* Uhm. Maybe I should have.

The story focuses on psychic character, Berenice, who does not share the fact that she has extra sensory perception. 156 more words


Justice League Dark: a review

I have looked forward to watching Justice League Dark since I first heard about it in 2016. This is a Warner Brothers/DC Animation movie, not a live-action film, but it was a story that would have translated well to the big screen. 634 more words


deadman_7.doc (Mako personal interview) [перевод]

Pamphlet: deadman_7.doc
Interview: Arakawa Reiko
Translation: Hotaru Filth
Comment: Персональное интервью Мако-сама из фанклубного памфлета deadman_7.doc, выпущенного  в декабре 2004 года.

– Для начала, что можете вспомнить о выступлении в QUATTRO 3 октября ? 213 more words


Justice League Dark (2017) Review

One from the to watch pile…

Justice League Dark (2017)

Film:  As a teen I read any comic I could get my hands on, and that evolved into me pretty much exclusively reading only Marvel comics. 774 more words

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