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Celebrating 25 Years of the Undertaker!

In a break from our usual nerdy posts, we dedicate a post to a man who’s name is synonymous with the sport of professional wrestling. November 19th 1990 at the Survivor Pay Per View the character known as the Undertaker debuted. 1,171 more words


New PvP mode for old Runescape

Deadman mode is a new intense, player-vs-player survival game mode for Old School RuneScape. 69 more words


Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark (2014) is a fan film directed by Kevin Housand and Charles Winston Propst for One Riot One Ranger Productions. Starring Andrew Love as “John Constantine”, … 118 more words


Should George Miller Direct Man of Steel 2, or Justice League Dark?

Hey there movie fans! Sorry for the gap in posts, I was out of state attending a wedding of some very close friends. As time passed however a great many fun conversations among friends spurred the momentum behind the next few posts I’ll be writing over the next week or so. 1,048 more words


30 Day Song Challenge, Day 29: A Song You Want Played At Your Funeral

Morbidity of the topic aside, this is a question I was asked once, and I didn’t really have an answer. It’s certainly strange to think about what song(s) you would want played at your own funeral. 266 more words


"Souleater Sees Me"

Souleater sees me

talking to Deadman again,

and sees the mirror.