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Random Musings: Deadman Lives

Boston Brand was an arrogant and (self-proclaimed) self-centered circus aerialist who worked without a net at the struggling Hills Circus. His “gimmick” was that he performed as “Deadman”, dressed in a red costume and wearing a white full-head mask that suggested a bloodless corpse. 1,025 more words

Dead man found in Demi Moore's pool

A 21-year-old man’s dead body has been discovered in the swimming pool at actress Demi Moore’s home.The body was found on Sunday morning.



My Life is Over: I'm a Deadman (Short) Series

Deadman, as I like to call it, is a short series about a young man, named Galyn, stuck in a cycle of life that he didn’t really want to ever find himself in. 13 more words


Choose wisely

Blue pill: Sting v taker

Red pill: kevin owens v brock lesnar.


Deadman wonderland-will shiro and Ganta ever get out?

hey guys and in this post were doing yet again another long time favorite of mine deadman wonderland. This take on the futuristic world of Japan and the creepy as hell take on a prison that’s run more like a concentration camp gets you wanting more and more every episode. 253 more words


Plant a few deadmen in advance in your cob wall to anchor your beams or roof nailers when the roof structure goes on. Use any piece of solid wood and wrap some thick wire around it.


Fan-Cast: Justice League Dark

…or Dark Universe. Guillermo del Toro recently turned in his script to WB for his film on JLD but isn’t sure if he will be directing the film due to other film commitments and the pace WB is going in building the DCCU. 547 more words

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