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Straight from Day 2 of Comic Con in New York, the latest exclusive from Funko — Deadpool’s red Chimichanga Truck. Production is limited to 3000 pieces. 42 more words


Review Brew: Avengers #0

This post is largely a continuation of what I wrote in my review of All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1. There’s not a lot I can add here in terms of the basic framework of the book: this is another six-story “sampler” that gives us some quick insights into the individual titles that these stories lead into. 1,045 more words

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I have a weak spot for the colour. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Don’t look in my inventory, because along with all the black, there is aqua galore! 85 more words


I still have a long list of stitches to complete but I figured I should get a head start on framing those that I’ve already finished. 52 more words

Preview Brew: Deadpool #1

More Deadpool Than You Wanted in Your New Look at DEADPOOL #1!

New York, NY—October 7th, 2015 — He’s annoying, he’s dangerous and he smells terrible. 183 more words

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Ryan Reynolds Stole A Deadpool Costume And He's Damn Proud Of It

With the Deadpool movie only four months away, Ryan Reynolds has been doing the media rounds in a rather unique fashion. You might call it ‘no fucks given mode,’ however maybe he’s just channeling his inner Wade Wilson, since let’s be honest, the two are virtually one in the same when it comes to personality anyway. 135 more words

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