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Deadpool (2016)

Being a Deadpool fan since I was a kid, it’s amazing to see him finally get a film! I couldn’t believe it had actually been given the go. 279 more words

X-Men Has a New Horror Movie Coming Out and I Am ALL IN

What have we here? Aside from Deadpool, this is the first real X-Men spinoff/side movie, however you want to phrase it, to really go away from the core characters. 211 more words


Lessons from Deadpool on how to be a Leader

Superheroes naturally inspire, by their basic nature to their everyday activities, they motivate us to want to do better in our lives. Leaders are essentially the superheroes among us. 535 more words


'Deadpool 2' Wraps Up Filming

Filming for the anticipated Deadpool 2 has finally come to a close.  One of the films writers Rhett Reese posted today about the conclusion.

That’s a wrap!

147 more words

Check Out The New Mutants Trailer

Ever since Marvel’s success with their shared superhero universe on the big screen, other names are starting to build up their own. One of which is 20th Century Fox, who is consistently creating new spin-offs based on their X-men movie franchise. 260 more words