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A bit of discussion before my review:

Before I get started on how good Deadpool was I think I need to talk about how important this movie really is. 602 more words

Movie review Title (spoilers)

Name of movie: Deadpool
Release year: 2016
Director: Tim Miller
Known from: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Main actor: Ryan Reynolds
Known from: Green Lantern and R.I.P.D… 178 more words


Melty Faces are the Best Faces

I rediscovered an old GIF I started awhile back. The idea was to have some of the characters from Hotline Miami 2 transition into each other, by having their faces melt and distort in a fun way. 195 more words


Where the Data Ranks 2016's Comic Book Films

The summer movie season is over and we’ve seen an interesting year when it comes to comic book films. For months debates have raged as to who is more successful, Marvel or DC, which movies were successes, and which were flops. 509 more words


The New Nerd in Town: DC, MCU, and Star Wars...Oh My!

The DCEU finally had some good news!  Matt Reeves has officially joined ‘The Batman’ as a producer and most importantly…Director!  But is this a short lived celebration due to the fact that there’s still a lack of tangible script?!   82 more words

TV Talk

My Favorite 30 Movies of 2016

You don’t go to movies almost every week for a year NOT to write up a list like this. With hours before the Oscars begin, here are my 30 favorite films of 2016. 1,844 more words

Michael Piff

A New Medium: The R-rated Superhero

I’ve long railed against the somewhat clichéd and problematic use of death in modern superhero films.  The two main players, DC and Marvel comics, both seem hell-bent on making their main heroes accessible to all ages, and therefore refuse to permanently kill off main characters.   609 more words