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Episode 1 (Backlog) "FN Botany"

Listen to us talk about starting a podcast, surviving an apocalypse, cutting off limbs, Deadpool vs. Batman, the Coen Brothers, novels vs. their screen adaptations (GoT, Horns, The Martian), podcast name ideas, and a little on a show about nothing. 14 more words



X-Cast  – Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke, Domino, Fantomex, X-23, and Forge

X-Force has had many different incarnations in the comics, and the movie version will be borrowing a bit from all as well as forging its own path. 451 more words

Spider-man Cosplayers Take Over Jetstar Airplane

A group of Spider-man cosplayers took over a Jetstar airplane.

Jetstar unveiled a jet with an advertisement for the upcoming movie Spider-man Homecoming.

As part of their unveiling ceremonies, the airline filled it with the cosplayers. 54 more words


Spiderman and Frozen Elsa combat King Kong

Frozen Elsa & Spiderman vs Superman combat KONG 🐵 Joker LEARN MAGIC transform KONG Superhero funny.
This is video Superhero in real life funny for kids of GAROTY. 53 more words

5 Marvel Characters Who Got Really Cool While You Weren't Paying Attention

Marvel is great, but they aren’t perfect. They have had a lot of ridiculous characters, from Paste-Pot Pete to Whizzer. Here are five of their most uncool heroes that have managed to turn it around while you were off reading about Captain America and Wolverine. 927 more words



如果要討論 Deadpool 中的黃色笑話





海報中的 tagline 是 witness the beginning of a happy ending

直譯的話就是 親睹愉快結局的開始

但 Deadpool 又怎會放棄說黃色笑話的機會呢?

事實上 Happy Ending 在英文口語中 42 more words


The Rebel in Red Tights: Deadpool

Is Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) the comic messiah destined to save the superhero universe from its own trappings?

Much has been written, about the opening title sequence of Deadpool, which is quite tongue-in-cheek about the people who made the film (Written by The Real Heroes Here…Directed by An Overpaid Tool), and mocks archetypes employed in superhero movies (A British Villain… A Comic Relief). 523 more words

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