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Why Not Chameleon?


Charlie Esser & I review the Marvel Comics for the week of 7-20-2016!

Nova #9—Phil-Thumbs Up
Hellcat #8—Charlie-Thumbs Up
All New Wolverine #10—Phil-Thumbs Up… 102 more words


If Modern Movies Had Classic VHS Covers

If you’re old enough to remember old VHS tapes you’ll remember that not all of them came with fancy pants high quality covers created by graphic designers on top quality equipment.  123 more words


Deadpool - Back In Black!

Information from MARVEL has now been publicized about the Merc With A Mouth donning a familiar suit of alien chaos, in this very in-depth interview with writer Cullen Bunn. 1,115 more words


Will 'Wonder Woman' Help Make Blockbusters Safe For Romance Again?

This past weekend at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Wonder Woman, and, refreshingly, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This was far from a guaranteed reaction. 917 more words


Deadpool (2016)

It took me long enough, but I finally got around to see Deadpool. I wasn’t able to see it in cinemas when it was new due to an enormously tight work schedule (and the fact that by the time I finished, Vue Cinemas Carmarthen stopped showing it entirely), but after finally getting the DVD, I can safely say that the wait was completely worth it. 479 more words


Deadpool joins in on "How it should've ended"

X-Men: Apocalypse – a fairly decent superhero movie, with some excellent cinematography and effects work… and of course, Pizza Dog!

However, the guys that make the “How it should’ve ended” videos have given the movie their once-over, and there’s a little surprise for any Deadpool fans. 8 more words


Argh Wednesday

Day 11. 148 pages, 66,975 words.


Today on my way to work, a doe and her fawn came running across the road in front of me. 248 more words

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