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How To Deal With A Deadshot Spammer - Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

I’ve run in to a few Deadshot spammers recently, and learned how to close gaps and keep pressure on them. Keep the fight close and they can’t hang with you.


Batman's Biggest Weakness is Gotham City in Batman 28

by Michael DeLaney

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

What is Batman’s weakness? Some might say his mortality, some might say his relationships, while others might argue that Batman has no weaknesses. 299 more words

Michael DeLaney

DC Team Spotlight: Suicide Squad

Super heroes aren’t the answer to every problem. Sometimes, extreme situations require extreme measures…or extreme individuals. The sort of individuals who call the infamous Belle Reve Prison home—super-villains.

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I previously wrote a piece on Mafex’s version of the Deadshot figure from the DC Extended Universe’s Suicide Squad movie as a friend of mine, Hercules Chung from Hong Kong, was one of the early birds to have purchased this figure and so I did an interview with him on his thoughts on the figure. 825 more words

Exclu Reacts

DC Character Spotlight: Deadshot

An assassin, expert marksman and lethal DC Universe villain, Floyd Lawton lives by a simple code: do the job that you’re hired for with the least amount of casualties possible—after all, you’re not being paid to waste bullets.

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Mafex Deadshot Review (600 Words or Less)

Mafex still has quality control issues, but as I stated in my various reviews for other Mafex figures, I find myself rooting for them. They’re no longer the consolation prize for unsuspecting action figure collectors. 728 more words