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This is normal.......

This week, I’d like to share a video that I enjoyed. A look into the world of Deaf culture.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think! (Captions available)


Deaf actress Alexandria Wailes

Alexandria Wailes came to visit our Deaf students. She told us about growing up in a huge family, the only Deaf child. She went to a Deaf high school, but decided to go to a college where she was the only or one of very few Deaf students. 131 more words

Hearing the World Differently

Students at the high school level taking a foreign language tend to go for the traditional spoken languages such as Spanish, French, Latin, German, or Russian, but some students are optioning into American Sign Language (ASL) instead. 907 more words


"21st Century ASL Pedagogy, WHAT FOR-FOR ?" by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.

Who is the founder and How did it happen?
Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed., a proud “D” deaf, a father of a deaf son and a native ASL user. 860 more words

Quotable Quotes from Mothers of Deaf Children

Mothers of Deaf Children studying at the Philippine School for the Deaf shared their thoughts after watching Silent Odyssey, a docu on Deaf Filipinos that touches on audism, history, Deaf culture and Filipino Sign Language. 66 more words

Silent Odyssey