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“Concerts, Deaf Culture and Coffee”   


How do you make your coffee in the morning?  Perhaps this seems like a non-question, with only trivial answers, but humour me for a moment in my introductory digression.  1,655 more words

ILY sign emoji on WhatsApp, please!

I use WhatsApp. A lot. It’s one of my main methods of online communication nowadays.

For a long time, I’ve wished that WhatsApp had an emoji that looks like the Jamaican Sign Language (American Sign Language, too) sign for “I love you”: 105 more words



Community. It is something we all treasure. We are designed to need one another. Designed to want relationship and companionship. But what happens when this basic human need gets denied? 523 more words

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Links to Laws Concerning Deaf Individuals

In modern day America, there are a multitude of laws concerning and protecting Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. There are new laws added often and these new laws continue to improve the lives and independence of Deaf people. 66 more words


Deaf Education Pros and Cons

There are many options for educating Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. In the state of Texas, there are 3 basic systems for educating within the public school system. 296 more words


Deaf Education

When a Deaf child is born or becomes Deaf due to illness or injury, one of the major concerns is the future educational path.  There are many options to consider and each family and child has individual needs and concerns to address.  419 more words


Deaf Culture Book List

Below is a visual list of books that can be purchased through Amazon. These books feature information about Deaf culture, Deaf children, American Sign Language and other Deaf information.  25 more words