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Faster Than the Speed of Sound: An Interview with Holly Maniatty

Cody Delistraty | Longreads | June 2017 | 11 minutes (2787 words)

Holly Maniatty is moving faster than anyone in the Wu-Tang Clan. She bounces up and down, her whole body undulates, her hands fly as she signs, her eyes flare precisely, her mouth articulates the lyrics. 2,918 more words


First Blog Post!

Have you ever wanted to freeze or preserve a perfect moment? You try to memorize every detail, every sensation so that that you can bring up that moment at any time and relive that moment of happiness. 655 more words


You're Welcome, Universe

Gardner, W. (2017). You’re Welcome, Universe. New York: Knopf.

You’re Welcome, Universe is Whitney Gardner’s debut novel that smoothly weaves layer upon layer of diversity, beginning with Julia, a teenager who is Indian American and Deaf. 195 more words


The Start

Flying. It is SO amazing to me how a metal machine can get into the air. My favorite part is the view. I find myself praising God for fluffy clouds that seem as solid as statutes in the sky. 272 more words

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