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Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing?

It’s tough when you believe you’re invincible and then BAM! you get deathly ill out of no where.

I was ten years old and thought nothing bad could ever happen to me. 568 more words

Landon Krentz is a bilaterally profoundly Deaf individual who is bilingual in both English and American Sign Language (ASL). He brings a unique perspective to the arts administration role by bringing a vast spectrum of experiences not only as a Deaf community leader, but also as an advocate for the inclusion of Deaf artists within the larger theatre community so that Deafness is looked upon as a reflection of diversity rather than as a disability. 17 more words

American Sign Language

Today is late Carl Schroeder’s birthday—he would be 64 years old. Also, he shares the same birthday as the greatest Deaf visionary leader in America, Laurent Clerc.

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This was me wearing Darth Vader shirt. Christmas 1981.

Meet Alexander Graham Bell, the only and one Rogue. The definition of ‘Rogue’ in dictionary means “dishonest man”—and Mr.

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My Introduction to Deaf Culture

In school, we’re typically all forced to take some sort of language. Usually it’s French, German or Spanish but if you’re edgy you probably took Italian or Chinese. 760 more words


Standing Rock! Standing Rock! Standing Rock! With movement in America along with social media, if would not be victorious if it was not for them and I am very proud to be part of movement!

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“Tommy” by Pete Townsend of The Who

I remember the sixties! Rock-n-roll! I saw a few blockbuster performances (“Jesus Christ Superstar” comes to mind) but I missed the rock opera “Tommy”. I think I owned the LP record. 307 more words