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There are so many websites and articles on the internet that we can research and find all the information that we want or need related to our ASL signs and Deaf Culture. 174 more words


Negative to Positive

Don’t you ever wish you could just turn off your ears when it gets too noisy around you?  Seems like something that would really come in handy when you’re trying to study or read a book.  348 more words

Lifestyle Things

Information-seeking can be complicated

During undergrad I took several American Sign Language (ASL) classes. One thing that was always repeated was that while practice was important and beneficial, it could be made so much more so if we were to actually interact with the d/Deaf. 834 more words

Deaf Teens: Hearing World documentary

I watched the BBC documentary Deaf Teens: Hearing World last night. It was pretty good and I recommend anyone who wants to learn a bit more about deaf culture to check it out. 534 more words


Smoking and signing

I am a heavy smoker. It’s a godawful thing and I know it’s a huge flaw. I started thinking more about it last night though. I was taking a quick smoke break outside and I was running through some of the signs in my head. 361 more words


One little video

First off: Watch this video. It’s just 4:37 minutes long. I won’t share any thoughts on it till you’ve watched it. So, watch it. Okay? 442 more words


But my comfort zone is comfy!!!!!

There. I said it.

I hate stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s sort of the point of a comfort zone, right? It’s cozy. It’s comfortable. 357 more words