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Bingo with no words?

As some of you may or may not know I have finally got back to attending college ( praise is welcome) and as of right now I am in American Sign Language 1. 237 more words


I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

One of the things that has definitely surprised me over the last months is how amazing some of my friends have been around the whole “suddenly I can’t communicate with you in the same way as before” thing. 363 more words


Not What I Was Expecting To Find

Often on my walks I will see an interesting bird perched somewhere my camera is not pointing. So I make a desperate try to get the camera round in time without scaring off the bird only to discover  I’ve taken yet another shot of empty bloody air – or if I was especially spry – a tail or wing tip. 141 more words


My favorite YouTubers (who caption!)

Captioning on YouTube has been a hot topic in the deaf/Hard of Hearing world lately, especially among teenagers.

YouTuber Rikki Poynter – Pikachu lover and advocate for closed captioning, who’s also deaf – has sort of led the charge for getting all YouTube videos captioned. 483 more words

Community Blog

Through The Looking Glass

It often feels like I am viewed only through the lens of my disability. People, even people who know me, see my cane before they see my face, start thinking about how to say hello to me before I even know they’re there. 207 more words


keeping it in the family

I learned today that my determination to learn ASL isn’t just impacting me, but my family as well.

My family homeschools, and my younger brother is in his sophomore year of high school. 82 more words


first day of class

Today was my first official day of ASL class! I finished my first online lesson in fingerspelling and I’m also learning a useful working vocabulary of basic phrases like “Nice to meet you” and “What’s your name.” 119 more words