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Deaf Discrimination

Hearing privilege is a real thing. Most people are at least marginally aware of the Deaf community, and the proliferation of ASL in high schools and colleges has helped shed light on the traditions and history of American Deaf culture. 168 more words

Social Justice

An alliance between d/Deaf and autistic people?

There are amazing parallels to be drawn between the autistic community and the d/Deaf community:

  • Both groups have been pathologicalized and are viewed by mainstream society to have a negative/debilitating medical condition that should at least be compensated for somehow or even “cured”
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ICED and Interpreters

By Jean F. Andrews

Surrounded by the Acropolis and other stunning Greek monuments, the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf held their 22nd annual conference, titled Educating Diverse Learners; Many Ways, One Goal, on July 6 to July 9, 2015. 432 more words

Deaf In Prison

Five Flavors of Dumb: A Book Review

“…bands fall out. But at the end of the day, they’re like family. You get back together because you have to, because you’re stronger together than you are apart.”

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Book Reviews

Make a difference - Learn SASL in Johannesburg!



FREE 67 MINUTE Deaf awareness and SASL LESSON!!

Make a difference – to yourself and others! 49 more words

On (hearing) people signing songs

Every now and then, I get a request to help compose (write…? what’s the proper word here?) a signing version of a song. Sometimes, it’s just a single sign that they ask about; other times, it’s a whole song. 765 more words


The Hearing Loss Spectrum, Between the Hearing World and Deaf Culture

Since becoming the editor of this blog, one thing I’ve struggled with is the diversity of “hearing loss” experiences we would like to reflect. This is parallel with all the questions related to the minefield of hearing-related terminology, which we’ve touched upon in… 591 more words

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