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My Introduction to Deaf Culture

In school, we’re typically all forced to take some sort of language. Usually it’s French, German or Spanish but if you’re edgy you probably took Italian or Chinese. 760 more words


Standing Rock! Standing Rock! Standing Rock! With movement in America along with social media, if would not be victorious if it was not for them and I am very proud to be part of movement!

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“Tommy” by Pete Townsend of The Who

I remember the sixties! Rock-n-roll! I saw a few blockbuster performances (“Jesus Christ Superstar” comes to mind) but I missed the rock opera “Tommy”. I think I owned the LP record. 307 more words

So today was good. No internet issues yay!
This afternoon I got a present from a certain bestie/ big brother (even though he’s technecally younger!). I was gonna wait til christmas and asked his thoughts but he said I could open it tonight! 701 more words


222. The Magic of Technology: Aneta Brodski

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube thread where a deaf woman in her twenties was signing/discussing…. I don’t know.  I don’t sign.  There were no subtitles.   505 more words

Middle School Poetry 180

Deafness is not an Illness

Did you know that over 5% of the world’s population, which is approximately 360 million people, have some form of hearing loss (World Health Organization) 192 more words

It's Just Us

He likes slapstick comedies; she doesn’t. She loves naps; he doesn’t. He’ll grab a burger; she’ll opt out for a salad. She likes junior mints, but he’s a hot tamales type of guy. 466 more words