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ASL Quick Facts

ASL is the 3rd most commonly used language in America, and the 4th most recognized language at universities across the country. A very important starting point was Martha’s Vineyard, MA, where there was a huge deaf population. 131 more words

Deaf Culture

Deaf culture is so much more than just sign. Deaf culture is vast & beautiful, and includes SO many different people. Like the hearing population, Deaf people share a language (sign language), have traditions, share arts and stories, and have norms that constitute a culture. 551 more words

deaf here, Deaf there, deaf everywhere (II)

As of the first chapter of Deaf in the USSR, we were in 1917, on the tail of a revolution from centuries of despotic rule by a series of tsars. 1,677 more words

Deaf Culture

deaf here, Deaf there, deaf everywhere

You may have already learned that sign language isn’t universal, but it’s a common assumption to have. We think sign language as a brain app that clicks on when a human is running on deaf mode, as if deaf experience itself were universal. 961 more words

Deaf Culture

On Kindness and Compassion.

I had an experience today. A deaf experience, to be precise, as is par for the course for a deaf person. My piss-poor hearing frequently leads me to have awkward encounters when out and about in the world. 1,590 more words


Where Do You Fit In?

By: CaspHer

Feb 22, 2018


Where do you fit in, exactly?

Lately, I have been on a few radio/broadcasting shows and have been talking about all of the projects that I’ve been involved with. 1,688 more words


Want to Learn ASL?

It might be easier than you think!

I’m taking this week’s post a little different direction. Usually I feature things I’ve made, but this week I want to feature something I’m  965 more words