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Is there a “Tipping Point” in Deaf Culture?


How many times have you gone to a restaurant with a group of Deaf people and found yourself dismayed and embarrassed at the poor tip left on the table despite the good service you received? 599 more words

Introduction To American Deaf Culture

Morphosyntactic Empathy

I posted this on a class forum, re-read, and realized it was far too creative for clinical lingo… decided to post here.

I feel that I have had the most enriching, enlightening experience this semester working with 6 students with hearing impairment. 210 more words

The Invisibles: Deafness and the Media

Last week, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, came to Jamaica. The first US presidential visit, I believe, in decades.

It was a hell of an affair; the Jamaican government made haste to make repairs to the roads (that probably won’t last very long), tear down the stalls (the livelihoods) of roadside vendors, and, oh, so suddenly developed an interest in the welfare of the homeless, moving them off the streets, into mental institutions and shelters. 538 more words


No Ordinary Hero: The Super Deafy Movie

I watched No Ordinary Hero: The Super Deafy Movie today. This is not a movie I would have watched normally, but it was extra credit for my ASL class. 196 more words


Deafness is not a disability

On wednesday, April 8th, Jill Stewardson, a senior honors student at the college of Brockport gave a presentation on the concept of what it really means to be disabled. 432 more words


April Update

Hey all, the weather is trying to figure out if it wants to be hot or cold, everything is coming alive and April is here. God is good. 21 more words


A Conversation About Deaf Culture

One of the assignments in my online course, Basic ASL for Library Staff, is to create a description of Deaf Culture that students can use when sharing what they have learned with co-workers, family members, and friends.  706 more words

Deaf Culture Resources