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TAL #TBT: What's an Avid Listener?

This week we’re taking it all the way back to our very first post, Andrew’s exploration of Avid Listening. Remember this?

“Our bodies hunger for sound. 239 more words

Translating Trouble

17 years. I can’t imagine not being able to read the word of God for 17 years. That is the story behind a Ugandan who was given a bible in her language. 683 more words

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Tone Deaf: YA romance with a little extra

Tone Deaf, by Olivia Rivers (May 2016, Sky Pony Press), $17.99, ISBN: 9781634507073

Recommended for ages 13+

When Ali Collins agrees to go to a concert with her best friend, Avery, she never expects her life to change, but that’s exactly what happens when she wins a backstage tour and meet and greet with Jace, the heartthrob lead singer of the band. 274 more words


"Rubbish in the Road" to "Glittering Gems"

Ok, first off please remember that this is coming from an American perspective where you can be fined for littering. At home I cringe when I see someone drop trash out the window of a car or a sheetz wrapper on their walk to wherever. 487 more words

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Flat Tires & Homework

I truly respect and envy people who speak fluently in more then one language and I truly wish my paternal grandfather would have taken the effort to ensure that I learned Hebrew and Yiddish so that I could speak more then one language and would have been enculturated in his culture. 1,274 more words

A Full Week of (Mis)Adventure

This last week (Deaf Week) has been full of unexpected surprises including field trips, sick days, and minor injuries. 4th of July was celebrated here in UG by an American group from Tennessee. 677 more words

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