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Shut up, George Gregory johnson!

zack1324 tell you to do this again? Remember the “Video for DM”? Quit being his slave!!!

Deaf Cyberbullies

OH! WOW! Finnishman!!!

Finnishman; Oh please, bitch! It is YOUR email, Peggy! Stop lying!- Deaf Clawer News

Ehkä sinun pitäisi pestä suusi ulos saippualla!

Deaf Cyberbullies

Screenshot of

at DVV and his comments for

 and me.

Liveleak video Harold Ambeau posted for me. What a jerk, eh!?!!


Deaf Cyberbullies


aren’t you, Frekky  (Dawn Huffman)?

All about DWKFV FB group – Frekky – May 22, 2017.

What about you

and zack1324?!!

Deaf Cyberbullies