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Social Aspects

How do you handle the social aspect – Do you go out with your husband’s friends? I can only imagine how hard it is because of background noises, dim lights, and lip-reading is exhausting!

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Pros And Cons of Cochlear Implants

I am not against Cochlear Implants at all. I don’t wear one and have been asked by readers about it. It’s truly a life saving technology for many. 307 more words

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Things People Say

Now, this is mainly for humor. People do say such things and you always have to have a reason to laugh it off. People are stupid. 225 more words

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Dairy-Free Berry Protein Ice Cream

When I first received an ice cream maker as a gift last year, I became obsessed with it and made every flavor in the book. Even a raspberry Merlot sorbet! 230 more words

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That Deaf Weightlifter...

I told my husband I wanted to do a weightlifting meet. He was really supportive of it but I just couldn’t bring myself to sign up for one. 490 more words

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My Journey With Stomach Issues: Part One

I’ve probably had stomach issues dating back since college. I remember having so much stomach pain, I could barely walk that I ended up in the ER. 756 more words

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Alarm Systems

Do you have special alarm systems in your house because of your hearing? If so what do you use?

My dogs are my alarm system. Basically.

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