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बहीरेपणा : कारणे,उपाय व काळजी

सप्टेंबर महीन्याचा शेवटचा रविवार जागतिक बहीरेपणा दिवस म्हणून ओळखला जातो.या वर्षी हा दिवस २४ तारखेला आला आहे. आजच्या ‘कुणीही कुणाचे ऐकत नाही’ अशा या काळातही डॉक्टर व पेशंटस् यांचेसाठी मात्रं हा महत्वाचा व अपेक्षांचा दिवस आहे.

Text conversation between me and my dad

My name is Jason JT Tozier; I have been a returned citizen for more than two decades. I committed to myself that I would change my life around.

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The Gift

SayWhatClub (SWC) is pleased to welcome guest writer and SWCer Elaine Procida who shares the story of her childhood hearing loss and a special someone who helped return to her what she feared was lost forever. 899 more words

Hearing Loss

What is that thing on your baby's head?

I haven’t gotten that exact question yet, but I have definitely gotten some interesting looks, and I’ve had several people ask questions about how it works.   882 more words



The Hearing Loss Association of America‘s Walk4Hearing in North Carolina is coming up soon on October 15th, and I’ll be walking. (fates willing)

Did you know that approximately 48 million people in the United States have a hearing loss? 487 more words

Chronic Illness

Deaf Awareness Week

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not be able to hear? Did you know that millions of people around the world suffer from some form of hearing loss? 134 more words

Monthly Happenings

Resource Roundup.

International Week of the Deaf is winding down. How did you celebrate? Are you curious to learn your native sign language? Here’s some help for newbie ASL students. 180 more words