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DSA Survey - respond now!

Another consultation related post and one you must have heard of by now. It has been posted everywhere. It is SO important, I’m reposting. 102 more words


The one who thought he was different [Season 1 Chapter 1]

“Ok class, today we have a new student.” “What’s your name?” “My name is Dylan.”

“Ok Dylan can you hear us?” “Hi I’m Dylan’s translator and no he can’t hear you, so he is just a bit different from the rest.” “Yes sir, Dylan you can sit there next to Alexander.” “Okay class, today we are gonna talk about deaf people.” “Now they can’t hear anything at all, which is very sad.” 199 more words


Music sparks boundless joy, even as ears fail

Day by Day: Music sparks boundless joy, even as ears fail


Jun 18, 2018
This Week Community News

Tevye was singing the opening song for the musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” doing his dance down the dirt road. 642 more words



“Do you feel “different” or does society make you feel different?”

This is such a hard question to be honest. I’ve never felt like I was a different person in my own world.

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Comic page review

Got the first better quality pictures of my paper art done and put two pages together for my comic about Sam Campbell III and his experience with mental illness. 16 more words


Significant Silences

Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t listen to any songs. Or how would you feel if you wanted to tell the person you love, but you couldn’t speak, not because you don’t have the courage to, but simply, because you can’t. 511 more words