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The Silenced Population: A Sneak Peek at the Deaf Community Around Us

According to studies, Boston is definitely a diverse city with population from every aspect But among the different races and people that have different educational backgrounds, there is a certain group of people that are seemingly always silent—the deaf and hard of hearing community. 460 more words


🎼Oh There’s Nothing Like Swag for the Holidays...

Ho Ho Hello to all! Uncle Dale here! That slightly odd uncle you can love from afar because you never have to worry about being seated next to at the family dinner! 158 more words

The Rules

Overcoming obstacles

In a world with so much violence, inequalities and overwhelming negative news, it is easy to feel discouraged and forget that people can overcome trauma. Take charge of the news and images that surround us since the sounds and images impact our brain.  95 more words


The Limping Chicken (the world’s most popular deaf blog) published another of my bits of writing yesterday.  Thought you might like to see it (link below).  90 more words


Rule 429

If you are concerned that your interpretation is being recorded on video, you should not be interpreting this police interview.

The Rules

Remember the book I was reading few weeks ago, Stand Up to Stigma: How We Reject Fear and Shame by Pernessa C. Seele–finally finished reading the book and has put many questions that needs to be seen in Deaf community. 

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The inside of our fridge is fully red in colour, stacked with plastic containers of Danone’s Mishti Doi, almost like there’s a build-up of the red lego blocks that Lavi used to attempt to swallow as a child. 740 more words