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Hannah’s Declassified Deaf Tips Survival Guide: Communicating with Deaf or Hard of Hearing People

People often say to me, “You know sometimes I forget that you’re deaf.” I get it. I am able to talk to you. My voice it sounds like yours with a slight accent. 1,451 more words

The coming months of isolation

Yesterday evening, I took my kid to the rink for the first time in seven-ish months. She had to be dressed in full gear except for helmet and skates. 743 more words


My cochlear implants journey

The letter came through the post. My mom opened it… I clearly remember this day, I was in my room, at the age of 10, playing with my Bratz dolls with my younger sister. 2,208 more words


Detailed memories

As I was falling asleep last night, I started thinking about the first house I grew up in. We lived in this big old house that was a homestead built in the 1700s until I was four years old. 621 more words


Why Translate for the DEAF?

It was only in the last decade that I was made aware that there was a need for Bible Translations for the deaf. I always thought that deaf people could just read any book and understand it. 303 more words

# 5 My deaf child..

Ok so first, The term “deaf and dumb”this was a term used years ago to describe what people didn’t understand. I have never meet a dumb deaf person. 407 more words