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Deafheaven - Demo

Both the praise given to Sunbather and the prominence of Deafheaven in contemporary independent are well earned. But before Metacritic’s top album of 2013 and debut album Roads to Judah, Deafheaven released a 2010 demo that was reissued on the hype of Sunbather. 114 more words


Crusted Roots

This poem is a new one, which I wrote. It’s meaning is for you to find out because I want my poetry to be interpretable to whatever the reader wants. 156 more words


Crowhurst- Self Titled


Self Titled

10 April 2015 (Ivory Antler Publishing and Recording)

By Joe DeBonis

This is a punishing album. It berates and annihilates and everything in between, just like a good noise/metal album should. 536 more words


Liturgy e The Ark Work: Black metal hipster ou transcendental?

Liturgy está de volta com um novo CD, The Ark Work, e, inevitavelmente, volta a ser tema de conversa. Não há muitas bandas que suscitem tanta discussão no Black Metal (BM) como… 1,512 more words

Day 0074: Deafheaven - Dream House

Artist: Deafheaven
Song: Dream House
Album: Sunbather (2013)

This was a pleasant surprise :) Ordinarily I avoid black metal. I never understood the appeal of what I call “cookie monster vocals”. 374 more words


Dynfari, Vegferð Tímans (Code 666, 2015)

Trupele metal formate din doi membri rar cântă altceva decât black. Nu e probabil imposibil, dar e în orice caz greu să găsești un duo de sympho-power sau folk metal. 542 more words