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Sign Language Isn’t Just for Babies

When we see it as a fad, separate from the actual deaf people who use it to communicate, we lose sight of the stakes of language. 74 more words


Activities for Students with Language Delay.

I Teach Students Who Can’t Talk.

Mike Kelley, “Silent Scream,” (1984) mixed media from the University of California in San Diego.

We might not always have success with tongue twisters, like, “Sally sells seashells by the seashore,” in a mixed classroom. 416 more words

Language Delay

Boy builds empathy and understanding

Boy, by Phil Cummings/Illustrated by Shane Devries, (March 2018, Kane Miller), $12.99, ISBN: 978-1-61067-739-4

Recommended for readers 4-8

A deaf young boy, growing up in a medieval village ravaged by a giant dragon, brings peace to all by simply encouraging them to listen. 252 more words

Preschool Reads

January Readings: Wild & Eat Pray Love

Since graduating from University, I have tried to keep a deal with myself that I will read at least one book per month. Now that I’m out of a setting that told me I had to, it hasn’t been a chore at all, and I whizzed through the January readings I set for myself. 2,646 more words


PHEnOM Gold Crew 193 at Mars Desert Research Station

I just got back from a two-week stint at Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah. It is one of several analogue Mars habitats all over the world, situated in a location that mirrors the terrain of the Red Planet as faithfully as possible. 2,530 more words

Space Exploration

OLWG#49 – blessings, deafness and memory

Hmm, well, I’ve had a time of it coming up with anything for this week’s New Unofficial On-Line Writer’s Guild prompts. I had thought to combine all three into a story, but that didn’t work out. 445 more words

Flash Fiction

Always Something New for Me to Learn: The "Hidden" Databases on FamilySearch

After writing about the two oldest sons of Abraham Goldsmith and Cecilia Adler, I am glad to be able to turn to their daughter Rose. Rose was born on October 19, 1866, in Philadelphia, and as I wrote… 3,119 more words