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Cracking Open the Door on Deafness

In my twenties, I was a typist for a novelist who not only had the misfortune to suffer from severe carpel tunnel, but was also profoundly deaf. 183 more words


UC IT Blog: YouTube Caption Audit Tool Now Available from UCI

UC IT Blog: YouTube Caption Audit Tool Now Available from UCI. “Released via GitHub on July 27, 2018, the YouTube Caption Audit is a distributable web application that reports uncaptioned public videos for a given YouTube channel. 49 more words

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Gubernatorial delights.

The friends who were a part of Coach Mull’s grade 8 soccer team both read my last post. They both agreed that Coach Mull was a crusty dick, but my post evoked a stronger reaction from one of them… 931 more words


Being A Teenager: Part one

Right. My life as a teenager has been nothing but hectic. Whilst being a survivor of cancer, my body has delightfully introduced me to some unbelievable scenarios and illnesses. 975 more words


Theory of Mind and Deaf Children

Research says that deaf children may be delayed in Theory of Mind (ToM) development compared to their hearing peers. 122 more words

Fall 2018

YA Text Response #4: The Silent Child

The Silent Child

Filmaker: Chris Overton

Written by: Rachel Shenton

Released: 2017

Short Film: 20 minutes

Starring: Rachel Shenton and Maisie Sly

Genres: short film… 433 more words

Spiritual "Tinnitus"

Tinnitus, if you are unaware (as I was until a short while ago), is a medical condition whereby there is a “ringing or a buzzing noise in one or both ears that may be constant or come and go, often associated with hearing loss… 1,338 more words