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Disability is not a Time Capsule

I interrupt this ignorant transmission to deliver an important public service announcement: I realise I have a disability but I’m not Peter Pan, I have grown up! 515 more words

Why are we in this situation?

We have asked ourselves this question on numerous occasions but there are no easy answers. Given the same set of circumstances we would have made the same decision even with the value of hindsight. 183 more words

The First Step


I am writing here for the first time at such an insane hour in the evening. Or should I say morning?

I am just beginning a journey that I’ve tried so many other ways that everyone else kept telling me I should do. 533 more words


Mary's Music

I learned recently that 86 year old Mary from my creative writing class was an accomplished pianist. None of us in class knew she even played the piano. 157 more words


Breaking the Silence

I struggled to write this blog because I normally try to keep things positive. But I’m creating this three-part series to bring awareness to what it’s like to be deaf, which isn’t all rainbows and ponies. 1,561 more words


It’s been a while since I’ve written, and it’s mainly due to the fact that my focus on writing has been somewhat distracted. A lot has happened, and yet, not so much. 507 more words