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Do You Need Your Hearing Aids to Drive?

This article I wrote for Hearing Tracker is about driving with hearing loss. What do you think? Do you need your hearing aids to drive?  336 more words

Hearing Loss

Why I Don't Speak ASL

When I first tell people that I’m deaf, usually the first thing they ask me is, “Oh, do you know sign language?”

The answer is… 619 more words


In Support of a Two-Year Old

I just saw this video on the television. The story definitely touched me; tears are rolling down my cheeks. It is refreshing and heartening to hear some good news in the midst of all of the dark things that are happening..


Just a word

In one of my classes as a special ed teacher, there was this small boy. He had significant learning disabilities and he was severely deaf, but he was such an imp! 372 more words


The Elusive Condition | #TinnitusWeek

Imagine the whistling of a kettle, a high-pitched and irritating sound which I have to endure every day as a person living with tinnitus. It’s not the most accurate description of the ringing which fills my ears on a daily basis, but it’s the closest I can get to making people understand a condition which is tricky in so many ways. 228 more words


The Day the Music Wouldn't Stop

The day I went deaf was the day I lost and gained everything. Well, maybe I should specify that it was only a kind of deafness. 1,470 more words

Short Story