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Meet the Writer: Jessica White

Meet the Writer is a feature for which I interview authors who identify as women. We talk less about a single book or work and more about where they’ve been and how their lives affect their writing. 1,029 more words

Meet The Writer

'Deaf Mosaic' review - Deaf diversity on display in evocative exhibition

Deaf photographer Stephen Iliffe captures the ‘rainbow-coloured mosaic’ of deaf intersectionality in all its stunning, striking vibrancy.

In viewing a community as a collective, it becomes a little harder to appreciate its beautiful intricacies. 584 more words


I can't wait...

for this movie! I saw the trailer and it made me cry. There’s so much truth and power in it, and more than a few points that were/are resonate with me. 810 more words


The Double Merle Issue

I love talking about Double Merles. Mainly because ever since I came to own Oreo, I wanted to make sure there were no possible things she may pass down when I finally choose a mate for her in the far future. 890 more words

My Deafness

Whenever I write about deafness, I feel like I must write a disclaimer. Since posting yesterday’s post, it has gone over in my head many times. 868 more words


Moby Dick is Feeling Sick and Captain Kirk Is A Silly Berk

If it’s not one thing, then it’s invariably something else and if it’s not that. Inevitably it shall be another thing.

I am of course, though that may be not totally clear, speaking about something that has recently happened. 411 more words


Holding Music

I’ve been deaf all my life. There was a time, briefly, when our parents – both my sister and I were diagnosed around the same time – worried we wouldn’t be able to appreciate music. 819 more words