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On Kindness and Compassion.

I had an experience today. A deaf experience, to be precise, as is par for the course for a deaf person. My piss-poor hearing frequently leads me to have awkward encounters when out and about in the world. 1,590 more words


On Taking Things for Granted

You know, one of the reasons my posts slowed down here was because things just became … normal. I woke up every day, put on my CI processors, heard my world in a way that felt normal to me, and that was about it. 1,055 more words

Cochlear Implants & Hearing Loss

Cochlear implants: as told by Wonky Junior

Today is international #CochlearImplantDay. If you’ve not heard of cochlear implants, they are an amazing technology that enables an increasing number of profoundly deaf children and adults to ‘hear’ sound, and so learn to communicate primarily by speech (often supplemented by lip-reading and, in some cases, use of sign language). 626 more words

Cochlear Implants

The Ho-Er at Moher..

Although I was born and raised in England, I spent large portions of my life in Ireland. My parents moved there and built a house when they retired so that’s where I go to visit my Dad these days. 604 more words


What's New

Oddly enough, the way the processors bring in sound when I first put them on is the biggest change for me between my old and new CIs. 611 more words

Cochlear Implants & Hearing Loss

Frustration out west spurred self-assurance

Frustration out west spurred self-assurance


February 19, 2018

This Week News

Twenty-two years ago this month, I did something I regret.

I have reconciled, but can’t forget, so I hope this will serve as a fair warning to others. 677 more words

Cochlear Implants