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Would You Rather - Deal or No Deal?

You’ve spent the best part of your morning picking boxes from friends and relatives. a single bead of nervous sweat slowly rolls down the side of your face, the audience is silent. 153 more words

Would You Rather?

Deal or no deal: Will Trump and his team void the Iran nuclear accord?

President-elect Donald Trump’s past statements and rhetoric indicate that he is a non- interventionist, if not a full-fledged isolationist, making it clear he is against sending American troops to defend and intervene in other countries. 1,339 more words

Daily News

George Michael’s generosity revealed as world mourns tragic death -- Battled a secret heroin addiction

DECEMBER 27, 2016

George Michael died of heart failure: manager

SPECULATION has begun to swirl over George Michael’s wealth, tipped to be around $A180 million, and who might share it. 5,401 more words

Editorial - Deal or No Deal

Editorial piece for an article about Deal Or No Deal not getting a new deal for the another studio version of the game show and instead will be filmed on tour around the UK. 52 more words


Do Not Open The Box...

The Earth is melting and the end is nigh. CJ De Mooi from Eggheads is on the run for murder and a cryogenically reanimated cyborg… 332 more words

The Excitement, Suspense, and Overall Significance of Game Show Music

Music has the power to evoke and retain memories, according to medical website Alzheimers. As we hear particular sounds from our past, whether obscure, unreleased tracks or contemporary pop anthems, they instantaneously suggest a blast from the past feeling. 436 more words