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Deal Or No Deal (LoveGame)

They say that love is pain but I call bluff

Love is not blame- I’ve had enough!

So when you push away with fears

And then he disappears… 216 more words

2016.1.22 - So close

In work on a Friday we have a Friday huddle. Everyone gets together and celebrates successes etc. As a part of that huddle we play a game this will usually be Bingo or a game of Deal Or No Deal. 160 more words


Deal Or No Deal

You may or may not have seen me on this show but I have to say it was another incredible time in my life that I will never forget for so many reasons. 1,208 more words

2016.1.7 - Juan Sheet

What a day to be alive.

I met “Juan Sheet” from the Plenty adverts. He was in ASDA house doing a bit of promotion. I had to have a selfie with him! 97 more words


Deal or No Deal

Earlier this month, in response to those (such as Bill McKibben and James Hansen) who claim that the Paris climate agreement is insufficent to reduce dangerous carbon pollution, Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter… 774 more words

Schrödinger’s Cat, Randomness and Infinite Possibilities

I expect many of us have heard of Schrödinger’s thought experiment concerning a cat, even if we don’t know exactly what it was about. At its most basic, the thought experiment consists of, to begin with a living cat, a radioactive source and poison linked to a radioactive detector, all encased in a box. 694 more words


Cancel The Surgery and the Broccoli Gets It

To be honest I haven’t really been as stressed as I should really be about the prospect of having a saw through my skull, a knife in my brain and a lump extracted from my head. 418 more words