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Episode 8: Chaos Theory

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Show Notes: In an amusing and analogy-ridden show, co-hosts Brian & Christie Moore unpack a litany of different topics. 84 more words


I Move On

By Michael W. Raley

There’s a fire going through my bones

To go along with the sharp daggers stabbing me.

No matter how much I try to rest, 96 more words

Enjoying The Journey

Been down so long looks like up to me

To those of you who started reading this post because you are fans of Richard Farina – my apologies.  This post will not discuss his seminal novel of the same name/title (see above).  601 more words

The Four Corrections Adversity Compels Us To Make

Brothers and Sisters, there are times in our lives we need to make course corrections in order to arrive safely and soundly at our next SPIRITUAL destination point and ultimately to heaven. 461 more words


Coming to America...and then leaving.

In the mid-80s I was finishing my somewhat checkered high-school career in a 3rd, no, scratch that, 4th world country somewhere in Latin America.  I lived with my mother who is a highly educated, brilliant woman who, nevertheless, was not paid very much at that point in her career.  1,354 more words

Negativity as motivation

As we ease into the 2nd week of 2018,  I contemplate my upcoming workout.  Rotator cuff issues mean that I still can’t low or high bar squat so my workout today will feature safety bar box squats and the Wenning belt squat station for a reasonable amount of weight and volume as well as working up to some heavy triples on bench.  713 more words

Year End Random Musings

As the year 2017 draws to a close and the world is trying it’s utmost best to go hell in a hand-basket, I share with you the following utterly random and sometimes shallow observations: 1,802 more words