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A modern day "prayer chain"

I found it interesting that earlier today a man had the courage to request a “prayer chain” on behalf of his badly injured daughter.

I say “courage” because he did so via LinkedIn, which of course is traditionally utilized more as a professional networking and business content platform. 8 more words

Dealing With Adversity

Mental Toughness

There are many ways to get mentally tougher apparently, but according to licensed marriage and family therapist Claire Dorotik-Nana there are five things we can all stop doing right now that will promote our mental robustness: … 176 more words

Daily Musing And Reflections

Down the chimney up.

What goes up the chimney down, but not down the chimney up?

An umbrella.

I liked this riddle as a kid. As an adult prone to metaphor I still like it. 302 more words

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Where is God When Your Lights Get Knocked Out?

One might ask the question, “Where is God when one’s lights get knocked out by life?” That is a great question and one that I am grappling with because I have been dealt a blow out of nowhere by life and I am left reeling and struggling to keep a hold on the Word that I have been given and the lessons that I have learned along my journey. 582 more words

5 Things To Remember When In Pursuit Of Your Dream

Who is going to be right? The naysayers or you.

It is not man who has placed in your heart your dream, God did. Therefore, you were already designed to win. 317 more words


Curve balls, hail storms, lemons, and temper tantrums. I swear I'm an adult sometimes. 

Today I let myself have temper tantrum and I generally do when life gives me lemons and curve balls and hail storms all in one day. 814 more words


Adversity: Forge a Meaning, Build an Identity.

All of us face adversity many times in our lives. Some adversity we are forced to go through, some adversity we try to avoid using many many ingenious ways. 228 more words

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