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Try a Different Door!

My publisher went out of business in January!   That means my books went out of print, and out of distribution.  It was a door suddenly slammed shut in my face–totally unexpected, although there had been signs, had I been more perceptive. 582 more words


Finding My Way Back To God- And Thankfulness!

The very best thing about being a Child of God is the hope.  When Jesus rose from the dead after an unjust trial and a humiliating, painful death, he gave a sign to every human being and every heavenly being- there is Hope in existence.  2,052 more words

Short Little Rebel

Keeping Calm During Tragedy Around You

I had planned to write on another topic, but the event in Las Vegas changed that. Listening to the news and what’s been reported on Facebook, and other social media outlets, is heartbreaking. 436 more words

Career Management

"Know the Raw Silk, Hold the Uncut Wood"

I have friends who are dealing with the worst of cancers and the death of a loved one.  Earthquakes, flooding, wars and hurricanes displace thousands of people. 38 more words


No Fair

I‘m going to be spending way too much time in the dentist’s chair in the upcoming weeks.  Last Monday, an upper molar that had been only mildly sore the day before decided it was time to get seriously worse, what with it being the day before a holiday and all.  604 more words

Middle Age

So You Got Injured...

One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is getting injured. Whether it’s something that can be healed in a few days, or a few months, it’s the worst feeling. 326 more words


The Two Hidden Agendas in Your Life

There are always two agendas in operation in your life at any given time. Especially if you have the nerve to actually pursue and seek after your God-given purpose.  14 more words