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* The Cure for Bullying? Look Beyond the Schoolyard

In her article for the AAPC newsletter, Meg Utz, a young woman with autism, describes the bullying she endured in school.  She had no idea that she was on the AU spectrum at the time, but speculates that her giftedness was a major trigger for bullies.   162 more words

Autism Matters


New school year doesn’t always mean that you’re meeting old friends and together you’re going experience new adventures. New school year sometimes associates with a lot of hope and expectations that it’s going to be a better year. 1,298 more words


#Bullying We Need Understanding

My dad was my superhero for a variety of reasons. Among them, and one of my greatest memories of him, was when he stood up for a developmentally disabled girl in front of a dairy in Utica. 530 more words


* A question on social narratives

I’ve been asked to provide another example of a social narrative for dealing with bullying.  I write stories about bullying from two perspectives, of course: the one who bullies and the one who is bullied.   138 more words

Autism Matters

Stop Bullying

There is something that I want to talk about because as a teenager this topic will strike a chord in everyone’s heart to some degree or another. 752 more words

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Swiss or Yank?

“The worst day ever!” yesterday, according to Millie, who came home from school and burst into tears (possibly not unrelated to the tiredness).

From what the Lovely Melanie has pieced together, she was bullied.   388 more words


Mental Health Awareness Week 2013

13.05.13 – 19.05.13 is declared Mental Health Awareness week in the United Kingdom. It’s an issue that I feel very strongly and passionately about, so I decided to share my thoughts and feelings on the matter through my blog. 1,231 more words

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