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How to Deal with Criticism: Changing What's In Your Head

Today I woke wondering why I have this mental habit of trying to get everything done all at once or in a very short time period.   360 more words

Change Work

How to Take Criticism and Turn It into Growth, in 5 Steps

This is a blog about coping with rejection of creative work, but it would not be complete without addressing rejection’s notorious cousin: criticism.

It hurts to hear people say negative things about something you poured your heart and soul into. 1,069 more words

Writer's Life

Sometimes My Worst Critic Is Myself

Revision and self-critique are essential tools to the writing process. Without them, I might write something completely unintelligible or simply awful. As tools, they’re like fire: use them carefully or be consumed by them. 220 more words


What to do when you can't stop criticising yourself

Do you remember the first time you thought ‘I can’t do this?’ about teaching? Maybe it was when you were faced with a particularly rambunctious group of kids, or moody teenagers who didn’t want to talk. 1,327 more words

Striving for Greatness While Embracing Good-Enough

A few short weeks before I self-published Letters to Josep, I received some really stinging criticism. “It’s nothing special,” I was told. And it wasn’t just anybody who said this: it was an author and educator I had contacted in hopes of getting an endorsement, who, months earlier, had called my work “impressive” and referred me to a potential publisher. 963 more words

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Dealing with Observation Feedback

It’s a great step in the right direction when you realise that being observed isn’t an exam to be passed or failed – even if you’re working at a school that treats it as such. 790 more words