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Dealing with the nay-sayers

I have been lucky, I realize. Very lucky. There are a handful of people I have opened up to and they have been empathetic, listening and non-judging. 677 more words


In praise of Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is an inspiration. Over most of last week/weekend I was at the Festival of Faith and Writing (at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where it was very very cold). 501 more words


How to Handle Criticism Like a Champ

Criticism comes from every area of life and from every person you know. Whether it’s from a teacher, parent, friend, sibling, or a stranger, getting criticized can hit you hard if you don’t know how to handle it. 540 more words

Pebble Polisher

In my most prolific writing years, I kept a journal almost daily. These were my preteen and teen years and most of the entries were relatively shallow. 678 more words


Why Are Writers So Sensitive?

Being able to accept criticism as a writer is vital if you want to have a writing career. People love being critics. They love having opinions, often regarding things they know nothing about, and they especially love knocking other people down. 461 more words

Like water off a duck's back

“You never do it right.”
“Your priorities are always messed up.”
“You always say the wrong thing!”

How do you respond when people unduly judge and criticize you? 246 more words

The Up Devo


Life is an ever-unfolding series of experiences, and those experiences form us as we move through them. In Romans 5:1-5 (NLT), Paul plots for us this formational paradigm: 649 more words