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WIP – Summer Writing Project

(Courtesy of Flickr – No this isn’t me but it could be!)

One marketing suggestion I read recently was to blog about your current Work in Progress – WIP. 378 more words

On Life And Writing

On Writing... and Critics

It is May 2nd, 2015… and I have seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron twice. I did not go to a Thursday night showing, but a friend and I went to see it twice on Friday. 420 more words


What I Learned From Writing The Lacertan Incident

Last week, I published one of my short stories, The Lacertan Incident, on my blog. This week, I wanted to share some of the process of how I wrote and rewrote it, and what I learned from the experience. 945 more words


My Fascination with Detractors

As I was setting up my display table for a book reading at Crane’s Mill Retirement Community, a woman hurried over to point to the subtitle of my book and say, “Why would anyone want to know what… 557 more words

Facing Death

Dealing With Criticism

First, my apologies for the lack of posts in the past few months. I’ve been busy with school and work!

Do any of you have a person in your life who has a tendency to make critical comments but uses the guise of humor to cover up any mean intent? 246 more words

Criticism Is Like Chewing Gum

What am I prone to do when I face criticism?  Attack back?  Jesus chose instead to give a clear and confident response.  Instead of stooping to the level of the attackers, he told the truth.  80 more words

Lessons From My Journal

Free Podcast(s): "Born to be Breastfed" & 62 Others

Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC has published 62 audio podcasts related to breastfeeding on iTunes. Yes! You read that right – 62! And guess what? 190 more words

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