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When you are in a position of responsibility, you are bound to be criticized because your position casts your everyday life and decisions in the limelight. 367 more words


Dealing with criticism

Constructive criticism:

You might find criticism annoying and insulting to your own art and I have came across people who take in criticism badly and some who take them in and improved in their art afterwards. 223 more words


Dear Jim Carrey: Your Art Is Beautiful, and the Cheap Critics Can Shove It

Dear Jim Carrey,

I recently came across your short documentary on your new career as an artist, and I was very deeply moved, not only by your colorful and poignant pieces, but by the pure courage and vulnerability that resonated from you as you spoke about your childhood and your struggle with heartbreak. 858 more words


How to Recover from Painful Negative Feedback, in 5 Steps

There it is.

That feedback you’ve been so terrified to receive. The one that makes all your self-doubt demons shriek: “YOU SEE?! WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” 1,324 more words


But What If I Actually Suck?

I believe you have had the misfortune to meet my self-doubt demons. I wanted to dedicate today’s post to one of them; a tiresome little guy I like to call the What-If-I-Actually-Suck Demon. 1,177 more words


How to Deal with Criticism: Changing What's In Your Head

Today I woke wondering why I have this mental habit of trying to get everything done all at once or in a very short time period.   360 more words

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