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The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

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One of the things I love about being an author is that I get to read so many other good books. They give me inspiration and help me see what my target audience already enjoys reading. 327 more words


Dealing with Dragons - By Patricia C. Wrede

Fairytales have a simple formula, princess in trouble, prince save princess, right? Not anymore. And “Dealing with Dragons” does a good job of that.

It is clearly written for kids. 366 more words


Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag

Summer, you are a lifesaver. I’ve been craving a holiday book tag but I wasn’t tagged so I was like um, what do? But now you tagged me and I get to do one! 455 more words

Books I Love: Dealing with Dragons

When I’m not writing, I make sure to spend some quality time with books–because my love of reading is what sparked my love of writing in the first place! 559 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: Nerds!

Every week The Broke and the Bookish  hosts the “Top Ten Tuesdays” a great blog-hop for readers to reflect on their “Top Ten” 65 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

How to be Awesome Like Cimorene

Chelsea H.

One of my favorite things about being an adult is rediscovering beloved books and characters from childhood. Now in my 30s, as I’ve read back through some of my favorite YA books I’ve noticed a penchant for a particular sort of female character: girls and women who were not content to work within the confines society (or men) laid out for them, or girls and women who made a difference to the outcome of the story, not just as the arm candy of some dude, but who saved the day themselves, or were necessary components in the shaping or reshaping of the world they inhabited. 1,423 more words


Dealing with Dragons, by Patricia C. Wrede

Cimorene makes a delightful princess – smart and self-motivated, with no tolerance for fools. The fact that her parents and her kingdom don’t appreciate these qualities means she’s bored and unhappy. 80 more words