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Spouse VS. Parents

How do you deal with your spouse not being very fond of your parents? Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with my dad liking or not liking my fiancé because my dad hasn’t been apart of my life for some time now. 265 more words

Parental Consent

I’ve been dating a guy, on and off, for the last 6 years. We broke up several times, probably because we didn’t think there was a chance for marriage. 327 more words


Dear Parent,

I owe you an apology. You know the other night, when your eight year old ran up to me at a local restaurant at nine p.m. 283 more words

Tips for Making a Parent-Teacher Relationship Work

The strength of the parent-teacher relationship is absolutely pivotal to achieving in the classroom. Below are some insightful tips by teacher Toby Sorge:

* Think of what the end goal is. 283 more words


Sometimes It's Worth Risking a Fight With a Parent

I’m glad the teacher didn’t let this most unreasonable parent have her way:

A crazed feminist told a second grade school teacher that she hopes she gets beaten on a nightly basis by an abusive husband because she refused to hand out vagina shaped cookies to her class.  327 more words


10 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Parents

Courtesy of teacher.net:

1. Let upset parents know that your goal is to help every child succeed. Look for ways to find common ground. Tell parents that both of you want what’s best for their child and that you want to find ways to work together. 961 more words