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Perspective: seven ways to change your future

“If you don’t like your perspective, change it.”

What’s reality, and if there is a reality, why does each person see it so differently?

For example, one man sees his dog sitting on an old couch and thinks “Oh, wow, I need to buy a new couch, and that dog needs walking.  2,125 more words

Can Separation Help Reconcile A Marriage?

SOURCE:  Leslie Vernick

Today’s Question: Can separation help reconcile a marriage? If you are physically separated, how could the marriage be worked on?

For the past year, my husband has just ignored me, stonewalled me, refused to get counseling or fix the marriage.  1,062 more words


The High Cost of Low Action

Few things grow as effortlessly as a problem ignored. Yet many times that’s just what less experienced leaders do, they ignore problems. Truth be told, very experienced leaders have been known to make this mistake as well. 586 more words


Thought For The Day: Jan. 19, 2018 "Quicksand Ahead"

Happy Friday,

Problems are like quicksand, they suck you under before you realize what’s happening. When we focus on what’s wrong we will never find what’s right. 90 more words

Thought For The Day

A choice for devotion, or destruction...

By choosing to allow the problem, issue, or circumstance to end whenever it actually does, allows Jesus’ limitless healing and instruction to immediately begin. It is an individual, free-will choice what to get wrapped up in, and as we live under Jesus’ reign, we have painfully learned we must always first choose Him. 47 more words

A Deeper Fellowship


Dealing with doubt was always something I struggled with. People always told me to not doubt, but it’s easier said than done. Lately I have been going through a rough patch. 532 more words

Rachel Ashley