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The Atlantic Pond

On Sunday in time honoured fashion we walked around The Atlantic Pond with two of our grandchildren who were trying to feed the ducks but mostly it was the hungry seagulls who were much faster in flight than the ducks and won nearly all the races for the food that… 324 more words

Dealing With Problems

Getting stronger than the tough stuff!

Lately, I have been talking with folks who are facing tremendous challenges and sadness such as illness, job loss, relationship troubles or the loss of a loved one. 1,058 more words


It's Better Than Drinking Palmolive?

I figured I’d continue the thread of hilarious family sayings from my last post with this one.

When we buy bottled water, we drink it, wash out the bottle, and fill them with filtered well water (and I don’t mean that I should have said “good water” instead). 270 more words


45 Years a growing

It’s hard to think that City Life will in February 2016 be 45 years in business.

We started to trade back in 1971 and like most new businesses I don’t mind admitting we started on a wing and a prayer, plus an overdraft facility of £3,000 IR from Des Roche who was then the manager of… 1,069 more words

Dealing With Problems

Different Values, Would It Still Work?

So this is a topic that I feel a lot of people have trouble with. It’s not just affecting their relationships, but also family and among friends as well. 658 more words


Fighting Dragons

The Lord said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. 767 more words

Maneuver around social media vampires ( By Bellaoya©)

Ever been fresh to a social media site and as soon as you start to talk or post here comes a couple of people with nothing but uninspired trash and a few that are taking just a bit too much of of your content? 554 more words