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How intrusive the world! So many phone calls on things I do not need nor asked for. Those poor Call Center employees. I am not much of a consumer. 489 more words

Have you chosen your problem yet?

We take ourselves too seriously
Our problems seem like mountains
Tall, huge and perhaps insurmountable
We often forget
That we are but a speck
In the history of this earth… 315 more words

Mind Over Body: Tapping Into Wisdom

We’ve all seen it happen. An older friend or family member retires, is diagnosed with a serious illness or loses a spouse. Suddenly, this person’s world is altered, sometimes seemingly beyond recognition. 1,173 more words

3 Tools To Tackle Any Problem You Face.

There’s surprisingly an unlimited supply of problems in this world. It goes without saying that only those with the right tools, and know how to use them efficiently become successful in life. 374 more words

Self Improvement

A visit that pushed me to a deeper level.

I visited a psychaictrict hospital a few months before to do a case study upon a minor affected paitent. Later did I realise the agony existing in that place, that I no more wanted to just study but understand people and talk to them. 1,049 more words

Dealing with a bad run - how to bounce back after a difficult run

We have all been there, you make a little progress with your running, you feel good but then you go out and have a bad run and feel like you have gone three steps back. 545 more words


Bury it deep

Bury it deep where no one can see.
Where darkness lurks and secrets be.
Where pain is screaming and banging it’s head
and anger is hiding waiting to be fed. 277 more words