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I'm Going to the Gym! Or, Why I Exercise

I get a lot of questions about my exercise habits, but recently it feels like people are slightly more curious. During the past six months, I’ve become more active in long distance running and posting about my training and races on social media. 1,200 more words

Doctoral Life

"I'll Get to it One Day!"

While the sentiment is a good one, we all know human nature a little too well.  The trouble is, “one day” rarely comes.

Dealing With Stuff

In Search of Sanity

I have a theory that people subconsciously believe their stuff will anchor them to this world.  They fill their homes with “treasures” as a sign of success; they “made it” in this life, in contrast to their parents who didn’t have much during the Depression.  597 more words

Dealing With Stuff

How to Select the Best Heirloom

This may be hard for some to believe, but when a loved one dies, the things I see are deplorable.  Children, siblings, extended family, friends, and neighbors descend on the estate like flies.  728 more words

Dealing With Stuff

Estate Sale vs. Yard Sale

One man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure.  What you may consider wonderful and unique, another may disagree with, but that’s the beauty in all sales.  743 more words

Dealing With Stuff

Mother Toxicity

For as long as I can remember my relationship with my mother has been strained.  I think of it like a piece of string or twine or rope with hundreds of fibers making it strong and with each passing comment, remark, and insult those fibers have slowly unraveled, weakened, and torn apart.  1,146 more words

Great Expectations and the Blame Game

“Don’t blame others for disappointing you.  Blame yourself for expecting too much.”  – Unknown

Though it sounds harsh, we need to take a close look at our expectations and learn how to keep them in neutral.  713 more words

Dealing With Stuff