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You'd Better Sit Down!

I can’t stress this enough, though I feel like a nag for repeating it often:

A majority of the time, your possessions are not worth what you think they are worth. 636 more words

Dealing With Stuff

What Factors Affect Value?

We want to believe that our possessions have exquisite value and will bring much money one day when we are ready to sell.  We are disappointed to learn that the heirlooms of mom and grandmother are not worth much anymore, despite the family lore.  626 more words

Dealing With Stuff

6 Big Mistakes People Make with Personal Property

Personal property and heirlooms — we spend a lifetime accumulating them, inheriting them, caring for them, collecting them, and talking about them.  But we rarely know the values and we rarely make a plan for what happens to our personal property. 368 more words

Dealing With Stuff

Help Needed - With Love

Sometimes it is so obvious that God is moving that it is almost frightening. It is sort of like being invited into an event that is already orchestrated, being told where to stand, what to do. 411 more words

Dealing With Stuff

I'm Going to the Gym! Or, Why I Exercise

I get a lot of questions about my exercise habits, but recently it feels like people are slightly more curious. During the past six months, I’ve become more active in long distance running and posting about my training and races on social media. 1,200 more words

Doctoral Life

"I'll Get to it One Day!"

While the sentiment is a good one, we all know human nature a little too well.  The trouble is, “one day” rarely comes.

Dealing With Stuff

In Search of Sanity

I have a theory that people subconsciously believe their stuff will anchor them to this world.  They fill their homes with “treasures” as a sign of success; they “made it” in this life, in contrast to their parents who didn’t have much during the Depression.  597 more words

Dealing With Stuff