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When The Past Crosses Our Paths

We like to believe we change for the better as the years go on; and if we are fortunate to see that person who treated us badly in the past they can see us as a better version of ourselves in spite of what they did to us. 761 more words



The number 7 is a special number.

Seven is a prime number, and prime numbers are just cool.

There are 7 deadly sins, 7 days of the week, 7 hills in Rome, 7 colors of the rainbow, and 7 major oceans. 595 more words



There are some times when I just feel like I need to write.  Writing allows me to achieve another level of stream of consciousness which I for some reason cannot seem to tap into when I am just being introspective.   852 more words


Fighting Depression

I’ve really struggled the last few months. It’s easy to look for external triggers for the struggle.

Spring blossomed and things that fly…well they started flying again, triggering Hope’s bug phobia. 615 more words

Finalization Life

What is all this tapping?

Ok so you may well be asking ‘What is all this tapping about and how can tapping on something actually achieve anything?’   Got to be honest here; the first time I tried it 9 years ago I wondered the same thing and thought it was all a bit weird.  1,342 more words

The First Year

The last month or so has been really challenging for me. Certainly I was struggling with self-care, but it’s more than that. I realized over the last month that Hope and I were entering a new phase, and I am having trouble adjusting to our realities. 774 more words

Lessons Learned

End Of My Love Story: I Learned To Stop Carrying The Torch

I’m probably not quite lucky when it comes to finding a romantic partner. I’ve had long-term serious relationships with resentful endings. When I was in high school, I was heartbroken, confused and angry because the boy I loved broke up with me without telling the reason. 591 more words

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