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5 Ways to Deal with Your Past

SOURCE:  Ron Edmondson

I’m a huge proponent of moving forward. I’ve never been a fan of remaining in the past.

This could be because I’ve had some past I’d rather not remember. 409 more words


What Does Paul Mean, "Forgetting What is Behind?"

…I Press on…

…I Press on…

…Forgetting the past…

…I press on.

When the Apostle Paul talks about “forgetting what is behind” and “straining toward what is ahead”, in Philippians 3:13, 14,  what exactly is he talking about? 1,936 more words

Biblical Counseling

Triggers, Triggers Everywhere

Hope’s life is a filled with trigger land mines. I’ve learned where most of them are; every now and then a new one will pop up. 1,178 more words


A Night at the Theater

Every now and then Hope and I go through this absurd production written, starring and exclusively produced by Hope to get my attention.

These plays typically occur close to major holidays, schedule disruptions or anytime Hope apparently doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention. 925 more words

African American Adoption

Learning from the past

You can look back on your life at all the things that went wrong. Think of all the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. Fact is that choices were made and what was done is done. 195 more words


Burning Bridges - Is It Possible To Remain Friends With An Ex ?

Regardless of whether it was a long-term thing, the one that got away or just a fleeting experience which despite some signs of great potential failed to get off the ground, … 988 more words


'Til I gain control again

Come what may

You have to die

To be reborn

There’s simply no other way

Silence all dissident voices

Murder past allegiances

Exorcise the lingering ghosts… 43 more words