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Thoughts on Fertility and Grief

I have not used this space to talk much about the fertility component of my adoption journey. I don’t know, it seemed so intensely personal, and frankly looking back I don’t think I really spent much time really working through the grief of it all. 1,473 more words



Unless you’re part of that dying breed of people that marries their high school sweetheart or a 30-something virgin who looks more likely to live in an old-age home before having a meaningful contact with the opposite sex, you’ll probably have a fair few relationships/ encounters before you decide to settle down. 550 more words


A Setback Forward

Setbacks are hard. Actually they can be crushing.

There are always signs that a setback is imminent, but it’s easy to get somewhat complacent about life. 897 more words


Tortured Teen Years

On my recent trip (because remember it was *not* a vacation), Sister K and I spent hours fondly reminiscing about our formative years. We laughed about all kinds of things. 804 more words



I never ever saw my self writing a blog, I have read blogs and thought wow, how cool would it be if i had something interesting to share. 198 more words

Dealing With The Past

When The Past Crosses Our Paths

We like to believe we change for the better as the years go on; and if we are fortunate to see that person who treated us badly in the past they can see us as a better version of ourselves in spite of what they did to us. 761 more words



The number 7 is a special number.

Seven is a prime number, and prime numbers are just cool.

There are 7 deadly sins, 7 days of the week, 7 hills in Rome, 7 colors of the rainbow, and 7 major oceans. 595 more words