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"You're Gonna Love Your 50s...."

I turned 50 last May 2nd.  I am coming up on 51 this week and I have spent some time reflecting on my first year of my 50s.  1,361 more words

Self Acceptance

WPR: The Feud That Captures the Fight for Serbia’s Future

Valerie Hopkins Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

BELGRADE, Serbia—Milica Djurdjevic and Anita Mitic used to celebrate birthdays together, but that was a long time ago. Though they still live in the same city, today they meet only at protests, where they find themselves on opposing sides. 3,966 more words


I Wanted to be a Conductor

“We didn’t feel God leading us towards you.”  Those words rang in my heart for so many years. It’s a miracle that I actually am a church choir director.  1,740 more words

Self Acceptance

Stille Nacht

I wasn’t prepared. I had no idea. Tonight, I was part of a concert and one of the pieces that the symphony played was one that I listened to over and over back in the winter of 1995.  1,301 more words

Self Acceptance

Two Different Boxes....and the Many Moods of Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas in LA are just weird.  As much as I love it here, getting ready to bake a turkey on a day with predicted 89 degree weather sort of makes me long for the holiday season living in the north for 43 years of my life.  1,723 more words

Self Acceptance

Dangerous Illusions: The Dark Side of Denial

” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” is nothing more than a trite saying. Often what doesn’t kill someone weakens them tremendously, and results in the development of various issues and complexes. 406 more words

When the dead comes back to life

Lately, it seems like I’ve been encountering people who are supposed to be already dead coming back to life. I’m not sure if I just became aware of it after watching  1,294 more words

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