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The Tooth Fairy

Every now and then, Hope and I get an opportunity to have an experience that we both missed along the way. In not birthing a child or adopting an infant or even a toddler, I missed the opportunity to play the Tooth Fairy. 180 more words


Living In The Past

To some people the object of the game of the past is to get so far away from it, call it moving on and never have to deal with again or address it if someone brings it up. 744 more words

Emil - Part Three

     Emil’s affect on our lives did not end there. When I was employed by the police department in Galveston, I came across information revealing that my grandfather had been arrested for child molestation of a young girl. 1,654 more words

Emil - Part Two

     Emil was loved by his children, daughter and son-in-laws and grandsons. My brother, who was the first born grandson, is fiercely loyal to our grandfather. When he was a baby, Grandpa would walk with my brother in his arms to the bay when he wouldn’t stop crying. 1,072 more words


Beauty and the Beast

Houston, we have a problem. I might’ve mentioned recently, the Hope has started sneaking food again, but I probably didn’t mention that she has generally stopped eating lunch. 603 more words



     Emil was my maternal grandfather for whom I feel nothing but pity. He was an alcoholic and a pedophile and I wish I could totally discount him, but I cannot. 1,109 more words


Thoughts on Fertility and Grief

I have not used this space to talk much about the fertility component of my adoption journey. I don’t know, it seemed so intensely personal, and frankly looking back I don’t think I really spent much time really working through the grief of it all. 1,473 more words