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Spiritual junk

I am a real horror for tidying up.

I don’t mean I don’t do it – that’s the problem. I wish I could be so relaxed! 884 more words


Communication Problems

When I was in elementary school I was enrolled in a program called TAG. It was a program for “gifted” (yeah, right) kids who needed a bit more intellectual stimulation to nurture them. 1,336 more words


Dramatic Exits - A True Story Part Three and Final

      So the drinking binges at Margaret and Doug’s house continued and my sister and I continued to resent them. Once, I wanted to send mom a rose with a note on my birthday but I was living in the city at that time and it was going to cost too much to have it delivered. 670 more words

Dramatic Exits - A True Story Part Two

     Margaret got her new house and though it didn’t seem much larger than the old one, I’m sure getting away from the memories of the old house was a relief. 933 more words

Dramatic Exits - A True Story Part One

     The phone rang sometime in the middle of the night. Our parents came to our bedroom and told us that Nate had shot himself and they were going to the hospital. 799 more words


One of my pet peeves is when someone tells me something that someone else said about me and asks me not to tell the person who did the saying. 1,086 more words

The Tooth Fairy

Every now and then, Hope and I get an opportunity to have an experience that we both missed along the way. In not birthing a child or adopting an infant or even a toddler, I missed the opportunity to play the Tooth Fairy. 180 more words