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Haunted by your past memories?? Proven ways to overcome them at once

At one point in our history, we may have come face to face with some of the most traumatizing moments or we may have done something that completely changed our lives. 790 more words

Dealing With The Past

The Sixth Sense - When The Ex Just Knows You Are Moving On

Relationships, and other lesser-romantic encounters, end for a variety of reasons. Some break-ups aren’t monumental. It’s not always a case of him having a Ashley Madison… 678 more words


Failing to See the Forest for the Trees

My husband and I have had many discussions about minorities and he is helping me to understand that so much anger is brought about by not having the financial, emotional and educational support necessary to achieve more. 466 more words

Unreasonable Fear

I grew up fearing African Americans and before you judge me as a racist, read my story.

When I was in Junior High School, schools became integrated. 1,076 more words

How to Leave the Past and Find Fulfilment

Fulfillment may reside in the future but that path to it is best prepared today. That elusive and much sort-after goal is actually easier to reach than you might think IF you think about it in the right way. 855 more words

DIY Therapy

The Losses are Real

I never understood the gravity of real loss until I became Hope’s mother. I look back and realize that there isn’t much at all that I’ve lost in my 43 years around the sun. 653 more words


Anti-Depressants and Psychotherapy

I have had people tell me that they do not want to take anti-depressant medication because it will cause them to be unable to cry. I would suggest that anyone who has this experience should check with their doctors or get honest with themselves. 683 more words