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7 Things You Should Know About Unemployment

I’ve been walking through the unemployment wilderness for some time now. As someone experiencing long-term unemployment, I’m familiar with an unexpected change in life. However, I’ve learned how to get through this – one of the hardest transitions of my life. 1,572 more words

Growth And Development

What is the point of this powerpoint? I never asked

I was summoned to the ‘Fake Fas’ office the other day. They moved to a new building which seems to be causing much confusion amongst the people of North Dublin. 453 more words


There was an old lady.......

I saw a job advertised the other day and thought I know this job, I could be good at this job. I felt certain this was the one for me and… 393 more words


Dublin City 2

(The following was written after watching Sin City 2 and I may have been slightly influenced by it)

My eyes linger over every word. I eat them up like a cute puppy with a Dental stick. 610 more words


George Costanza looking for his dream job

This scenario is very similar to what I go through everytime I’m looking for a new job and he’s right ‘its really not fair’


Five Stages of Unemployment


I think losing my job is actually a really good thing. Oprah says ‘ you have to open yourself up to possibilities’ and you can’t get more open than jobless. 487 more words


A rose by any other name......sucks

This is a reference I received from a shop I worked in that was closing down (through no fault of my own may I add. I made many a helpful suggestion such as turning the heat on in Winter and not gluing the jewellery back together when its returned. 131 more words